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Sarah Toner weekly pre-vocational classes


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I saw this on Instagram and thought I’d mention it here. Sarah Toner is starting pre-vocational Zoom classes for children aged 9-12 on Fridays 4.30 - 6. It says to DM her to get more information. 

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At poster's request - added "Zoom".
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Cannot recommend Sarah highly enough... my dd has had training with her since she was 10 years old.We were recommended her by a forum user - Sarah’s expertise in both the technical and mental aspects of elite training is outstanding - but she has also had brilliant sense of humour who inspires both confidence and a sense of fun in her students . My dd was rejected for Yr 7 finals at Elmhurst and Tring- she went to Sarah initially to get a bit of confidence back. Two lessons later she gained  a place at WL- absolutely down to Sarah’s teaching . 

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Oh wow, that’s amazing. I’d heard of Sarah before but live too far away to have lessons. My dc did the pre vocational zoom summer course with her in July and I was really impressed. 

Oh I forgot to mention these are zoom lessons. Mods am I allowed to edit the post to say that? 

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