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  1. My dd was a JA when she received her swl place in year 6 before gaining a full time place. Now we realise that the summer intensive system Is complete different from the full time training .she did end up doing SI and WL full timers are encouraged to apply . It’s great experience but it certainly does not give a flavour of full timing training . That is very different.
  2. Sorry if you have read this before and to give hope to those with ‘no’s but my dd always got a no or swl for the RBS summer intensive... including the year she got offered a full time place at WL!😂
  3. Hi... don’t know if this helps but my dd birthday is 31 August.. got no for yr 4..swl for year 5 ... yes for yr 6 and this was my concern too at the time & their feedback was they do take age into account .
  4. At WL every student is only offered one year’s training and they all have to audition again through the dreaded assessments every year for a further year’s training . This is made clear in the offer of training every year.The only explicit exception is Yr 10 and implicitly Year 7- although has happened in the past. In recent years students are regularly assessed out of Yr8 and of course Yr 9.In one sense every class ,especially those watched by the AD , is an audition . New students from abroad are added throughout the year . RBS is no different to other top international schools in this res
  5. Fit is little on big side.. I got small for dd as directed because of her height..but leo fell off shoulders so had to exchange for XS which fits perfectly .
  6. I ordered 2 leotards from them recently -didn’t have to pay extra Import duty etc like you do if order from USA. Arrived quickly from Israel ( within 10 days) and I had to return one because of size- that was sorted very quickly too. Quality amazing - will definitely use them again.
  7. Cannot recommend Sarah highly enough... my dd has had training with her since she was 10 years old.We were recommended her by a forum user - Sarah’s expertise in both the technical and mental aspects of elite training is outstanding - but she has also had brilliant sense of humour who inspires both confidence and a sense of fun in her students . My dd was rejected for Yr 7 finals at Elmhurst and Tring- she went to Sarah initially to get a bit of confidence back. Two lessons later she gained a place at WL- absolutely down to Sarah’s teaching .
  8. Yes you do get shoes covered by MDS funding at our school but we just fall out of the uniform allowance . It’s a real struggle.
  9. 🤣 Definitely definitely not!! The reality is very different from the myth ...even the wee ribbon for the hair is charged at 50p...& we will never forgot the error on our first bill in which they had charged £50 for it instead😂! Anyway I expect dd was just very unlucky having very strong feet which do not suit the quiet’ performance’ brand insisted upon.
  10. Trust me the level of bespoke depends simply on what’s available in stock as they have a real problem with supply and demand ( my dd has had to wait up to 12 weeks for shoes during term time and often has to simply go with me into the shop like any one else to get a pair of shoes. Even then the shoe does not suit... well only if you think that a pointe shoe bill of £500 every half term is acceptable- oh boy I wish they were free to the wearer!!
  11. Just to add my experience of my dd going on pointe... her ballet school wanted her to start pointe at 9 years old . I took her out of the school believing that was such dangerous advice even though I knew nothing about pointe. Fast forward a year and I had her associate teachers and new school demanding to know why she hadn’t started pointe yet.. so we bowed to pressure....at just 10 she started.... she is at voc school has had no problems - yet- but I still feel very uneasy with tHe decision ... Incidentally she doesn’t bother darning her shoes now as she can go through a pair in one le
  12. They definitely look at children who were on swl last year if they have applied again for the current year. ..as my daughter got a yr 6 JA place after a no in yr 4 and swl in yr 5 . Her teacher was told this when we asked for feedback in yr 5 . If they see a child is making huge progress from year to year it’s another indication for their suitability.
  13. Could not agree more Canary ! mydd did LJB and she maintains it’s the one associate program that was most like her voc school. The last year she was there ,3 students got into yr 7 WL .
  14. Hi , I know a lot of people’s plans for SS have been cancelled so I just wanted to share what my dd is doing - a SS for 13 years upwards with Sarah Toner. I think quite a few people ‘s dc on here have worked with her- ex BRB . She’s offering online SS all through August - classes capped at 8 students . Classes include classical, classical solo, contemporary solo and audition work and private coaching session. Parent watching feedback at end of week. You pick yr week . I’m sure many of you are sorted and I don’t want this to be an advert , I just wanted to help anyone , particularly d
  15. Artistic director - yes we have just received an email as parent of full time student which confirms one of the measures they are taking to prevent the spread of virus in which he states that ‘’We will take the following precautions until the Easter Holidays during which we will consider what we will do for the beginning of the Summer term should Covid-19 still present a problem. 1. Limit access to our buildings to all but essential staff. This will include: (a) No audiences at internal school events (b) Limited and checked visits (c) The cancelling of Associate classes at Upper
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