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  1. Don’t write off any other opportunity at RBS because the Summer Intensive didn’t work out.... my dd got waiting list for Summer school in Yr 6 and then offered place at WL full time 2 months later...
  2. Echo that - dd had to get pair of panic pointe shoes for spring intensive ..usually has to wear Freed and bespoke .... The Dance Shop fitted a Bloch beautifully so much better .. wish could go there all the time.x
  3. Current year 9 wear usually Demi pointe or pointe for class at WL.x
  4. Hi, Can I just add a huge well done too to all the soldiers , mice and party children etc! They also have been rehearsing very hard with 5.45 am calls the the ROH this week .
  5. Congratulations to all the yes’s!! And as I be posted before -to the no’s don’t give up... even though it’s a horrible day ..my dd got flat no for yr 4 (& Tring CBA )that year... & now is at WL...
  6. Hi , Just to say my dd got that no letter in yr 4... SWL in Yr 5... and a yes in Yr 6...and that’s quite common ..the ‘no ‘letter is quite truthful kids do change dramatically. Incidentally she is now at WL and there is a VAST range of height in each year including yr 7 although all seem to have the long legs...(she is in Yr 8 and currently is 5 ft 6😉)
  7. Hi, I ... we haven’t got ours either and I think everything is late as WL normal invoices for bills for full time students etc haven’t come out and they normally arrive at the start of term .
  8. Please tell Yr dd to keep going , I remember seeking the same advice from the lovely people on this forum when my dd failed to get a Elmhurst finals in for Yr 7...& 2 months later then got offered WL . She’s had plenty of no’s since for various things but she’s never forgotten the wise comments from here .Best of luck to your dd , I bet her’yes’ is just round the corner..
  9. At WL students have a gymnastic class on Saturday where students are expected to do basic gym such as cartwheels.... as my dd was and is spectacularly awful at gym( bit like watching a baby giraffe trying to coordinate legs in air😂)... it causes us all amusement except the teacher. It’s not a huge part of their life but does indicate that some skills/ flexibility required even there... my daughter never had any kind of training in any of her associate etc classes prior to this
  10. Aww thank you proballetdancer... I guess if she doesn’t reach that potential then she’ll be assessed out... but for the op .. hope your dd does audition , my dc got in on third attempt and had the best fun ever!
  11. Errrr shall I add fuel to the fire .... but as a bit of hope .... my dd is at WL and whilst she has a good turnout it’s not 180 yet..... and certainly didn’t as a JA.... eeek!!!
  12. .... and good luck to everyone at any vocational school going through assessments this week too!
  13. Hi, Last Year WL students were offered places in January - well before the official date for results so I guess they are still given priority.My dd applied for summer school the year before in Year 6. She applied at the same time as auditioning for a full time place . She was rejected for the summer school but given a full time place. It does make us chuckle that the only way to get in the summer school for her was to be a full time student!😉 Last year there were only a few girls (3) in her year at WL that did SS- most students want to try something different - at least in the lower years.
  14. Eliteballet, Competition for these intensives etc is intense... my dd was never offered a place on the WL summer school... including the year she was offered a full time place at the school!😉
  15. Ooh thank you for the compliment regarding the girls as mice as my dd is one of them . Yes most of them have incredibly long legs ... just need to build up their arms to lift ‘dead’ mouse king off stage without dropping him...😆
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