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RBS JA auditions


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So I don’t know if this is just me being naive but I’m feeling a little peeved that we’ve paid £50 for what is now going to be a video audition and there’s a high chance that other associate programs will be well underway by the time the results are out so even if children were offered a place, some may not be able to accept. 

£50 is a vast sum of money to me for an audition. I completely understand that the circumstances have changed and video auditions are what is neccasary but I feel like a partial refund would be nice! 

Obviously I don’t expect it, I’m just moaning out loud and seeing if anyone else feels like this! 

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At first I went.....£50!!! Then I looked in my email folder for RBS JAs and saw that 3 years ago I paid £45 😂


Tbh I do think it is a bit cheeky to ask for £50 given that it is video auditions and they have no overheads to pay for studio use etc for auditions. Mmmmmm.......

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2 hours ago, Millicent said:

Does anyone know how many applicants they usually have for London?


The first few minutes of all of my DD's videos is her staring at the camera waiting for it to start so hopefully they'll watch more than that 😂

When my dd auditioned they had 2 days of auditions and about 4 groups a day......she was in the last group. I cant remember if they was for all years though. But a lot!!

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I think the video auditions may take as much effort to administer as live auditions, especially as this is a new thing and they will have to put in extra safeguards to make sure the approach is fair.  I think this will be why they haven't offered refunds.


@millicent - I'm sure they will watch enough of your video to actually see her dancing!


But I agree with @dancemum100 that it is a lot of money which is prohibitive to some families.  On the plus side at least you don't have the cost of train fares/petrol and the cups of coffee you would be drinking while anxiously wait for them to finish the audition (not much consolation, I know).

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