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Rosella Hightower, Cannes


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would anyone have any recent feedback and insight into the PNSD in Cannes? I’m particularly looking for insights into their full time training (quality of dance, how past students do, pastoral etc) and not the summer intensives.

thank you

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Hi, I know you posted this ages ago, but I'm really in need of some help. My daughter (18) is about to start at Pole and I feel like we have not been looked after in terms of sorting things out. I'm sure it's totally our fault but we haven't requested any accommodation (we thought we had, but we hadn't) so now I'm really worried about what I'm going to do. I can't find any forum for help, they're closed and time is ticking on!! Cannes is not easy to work out how to get rental accommodation and without knowing the area it's a nightmare. What I'm asking is is there anywhere I can look for expats at the school support or anything like that? I can't tell how old your child is so not sure if you're in a similar situation or not. Would be grateful for any help at all!! Thank you xx

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Hello PIepie

just a thought, if you are on Facebook you could try having a look for an “expats in Cannes” group to join, there are a couple. Obviously they are unlikely to be able to offer specific advice about the school/ course but may be a good place to start for more general advice about renting etc. Also, if you are looking to rent an apartment or room/ flatshare, you could try joining “le Bon coin” it’s kind of a French version of eBay and there are quite a few property listings. It is in French but you can use a translate app/ website to navigate your way through and it’s possible to narrow your search to a particular area and “ apartment” . Hope that helps 


edited to add that my friend who lives in France tells me it’s fairly common there to find accommodation on le Bon coin 

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