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Natalia Osipova's experience as a young student

DD Driver

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I watched  'In conversation with Natalia Osipova" by Dancersdiary this week.  



At 12:35 she explains that after her first year at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy half of the girls were assessed out.  This happened again at 13/14 years old when 18 students were reduced to 5!  The process may have changed since then but you get  idea.


A lot on the topic of assessing out has been discussed on this forum.  I think it is fortunate that we can read through other people's experiences and then decide what is best for our own child and family as choices arise.  My DD had some rejections early on that felt very important at the time.  Looking back I think it was a very lucky thing.  She learnt that she will have to work very hard if this is her chosen path. She has also seen how one's body can change dramatically through puberty - your DNA destiny but and also the impact of hard work 😀   

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