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Toe Pads


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I previously had a wonderful pair of toe pads that made it very easy and comfortable for me to be on pointe. They eventually got holes in them after too much use and I just can’t find a replacement good enough. I can’t remember the brand but they were completely clear gel/silicon and very thick at the toes. The shop I bought them from have changed brands and couldn’t remember which ones they were either. 
Could anyone recommend ones that are particularly thick at the toes please? 
Thank you. 

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27 minutes ago, balletgremlin said:

I used to have a pair of Katz toepads which were clear and super thick.


No idea if these are the same ones - https://www.katz-dancewear.co.uk/productpage.php?product=901

Do you happen to remember if they came in a see through pouch with a zip like closing? Sorry, I just really really loved my old ones!

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