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English National Ballet - Fantastic Beings (livestream)

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I enjoyed a lot of the movement in this piece; those velvety, sumptuous fondue transitions that had a quality of liquid (or stringy mozzarella) that seemed to ripple.


I wasn't quite sure of the narrative, if there was one, which sort of left a gap for me. Was I watching nature? Why can't we have more of the shaggy things? What was the meaning or do I have to create one by engaging with the dance in some way?



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Spelling, missed words, not enough tea
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I totally loved this. Call me old fashioned but, for me, I love the elegance and fluidity that comes with ladies on pointe. It’s just a different aesthetic. It’s the big differentiator as to whether or not I’ll devote time to watching a ballet during this COVID season when we’re presented with many choices.

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