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Elmhurst Young Dancers - what is happening in September?


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Has anyone heard about what is happening regarding Elmhurst Associates/Young dancers for September?

DD is an RBS SA going into SA2 but In London. If she were to be offered a place on the Elmhurst scheme she may try to swap her SA2 To Birmingham to do both classes.

but with this Coronavirus situation will they even be able to hold auditions for Elmhurst associates or will it be by application or video?

ahy ideas folks?

stay well 🌈

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  • Jan McNulty changed the title to Elmhurst Young Dancers - what is happening in September?

My DD is a year 4 Birmingham young dancer. We have been told that we aren’t being invoiced for the summer term and so it looks unlikely we will be back before September. They have asked us if we wish to continue our place For year 5 and to confirm. They have sent us a few emails so they are ‘about’ so to speak and so might be worth contacting them? 
I don’t know about auditions for elmhurst, but RBS have emailed and said they still intend to do auditions for associates if possible before September.  I saw ballet boost are doing video applications. I am sure that Elmhurst will make some sort of contact about their auditions shortly? Good luck x

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Hi Proudmumoffdd


My daughter is an SA2 (next year) in Birmingham and a Young Dancer also / the classes fit in really well.   


At the moment I don’t think anyone can say what will happen in September as restrictions can change on a weekly basis and could be lifted or tightened accordingly to how the virus is being contained. 


I would email Elmhurst’s administration team as they have been active in updating the current Young Dancers so still open on some capacity.  They are extremely helpful.


Please feel free to dm me for any more help.


Best wishes X

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