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Dear Members,


I am thrilled to inform you that forum membership has now passed the 6,000 mark.  This is quite an achievement, and I would like to welcome everyone who has signed up in the past year or so.  We very much hope that you will contribute to the forum with your comments, reviews and thoughts.


On another matter...I and the other moderators would like to thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts for keeping this forum lively and interesting during these surreal times.  Despite the fact that there is virtually no live ballet or dance happening anywhere in the world, thanks to the efforts of all of you who keep contributing your thoughts on past performances/dancers, links to same, funnies, educational posts, etc, there is still so much to read and enjoy here.   As always, we are very impressed with the level of support continuing on what has become a close-knit community on the Doing Dance area.  In these uncertain times, this support is more important than ever.


We as mods were a bit worried as to what would happen to the forum in the absence of any performances, but we needn't have been.  What wonderful members we have!   So a huge thanks to you all;  please keep it coming until such time that things get back to normal and we can all enjoy the live arts again.


In the meantime, we wish you and your families and friends well. 


With very best wishes,

Sim (on behalf of the moderators)

Chair, BalletcoForum Committee

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Also thanks TO the moderators!

It is a very strange time and there is something reassuringly normal about the forum carrying out "business as usual". As I just said on another thread, I think that the lockdown has shown us in several ways just how important things like dance, music, sport and art are and how much they enhance our lives. I don't have a lot to contribute but I love coming here to read about things like exam results and audition outcomes. It shows that we have hope. Hope that this will pass and that our normal lives will return. And hope is so important now.

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Thank you to you Sim and all of the moderators for your work in keeping the forum going, enabling us to have a little bit of normality in these uncertain times. One thing I think it has done, is to make us appreciate the simpler things in life. I will never again take for granted just meeting up with friends over a coffee or having a browse around a garden centre! On the plus side, I am loving all of the ballet, dance and musical theatre offerings on the various social media platforms and am very grateful to the performers giving their time so freely from their homes. To be able to dance along (badly) with a Radio City Rockette and sing my heart out (out of tune) while Andrew Lloyd Webber plays the piano is amazing. I wish you and your families well. Take care and stay safe. 


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