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Workshops/classes Easter weekend - London


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Hi all


We will be in London over Easter weekend. I was wondering if there were any ballet workshops/classes open to a 9 year old, that anyone knew of? I’ve found one but the younger age is 12. Also open to ideas of anything else ballet related we could do instead. We are going to a performance at the ROH whilst we are there so it would be nice to something else too... 

Thank you 😊 

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Any performance will enhance both your lives and that of your DC.  It doesn't have to be ballet - or even dance.  Learning to love the theatre, and appreciate the skill and artistry of both on stage and off stage performers, is all  part of joining  the artistic world.


Here's a challenge:  go to a performance.  Count how many people you can see on stage and off stage (programme sellers, security, box office staff, the sound engineer at the back of the auditorium.)  Work out how many must be there, but you can't see (stage manager, lighting technician, follow spot, automation - those trap doors don't move themselves, musicians, make up, wigs, wardrobe ..).  


What percentage of the total company are performing?  How long is the average performer on stage?


That said, the Victoria and Albert museum has a fascinating theatre/ballet/musical theatre section I could visit every week.  And I'd take a 9 year old to Matilda.



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Also, go to the cafe at Sadler’s Wells.... the entrance is through the stage door then turn right.... lovely painting & busts of famous founders of ballet in the long entrance & TV’s show dance whilst you enjoy rather good well priced food! And who knows who you might just see? Lots of dance connected people are in & out (pretty sure I spied Mathew Bourne walk by the other day). 
Also go to the South Bank & explore around there as you just become immersed in Theatre & arts! I especially love the ‘singing lift’....! Think that’s in Royal Fedtjval Hall section but go in all parts! Great with all age kids & often (free?) workshops taking place in various areas....inside & out. Plus ROH open up might appeal with I’m sure family things going on over Easter....

May well be age relevant classes at Pineapple or Danceworks too so look at websites...

have fun!

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