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Capezio Hanami- spots after washing


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I always wash my ballet slippers with the hand wash program of the washing machine. Now, I have got the problem that if I do that with my Capezio Hanamis, the first time I wash, I get dark spots somewhere on at least one the shoes (it doesn´t happen with other light colored things, so I don´t think the washing machine is the problem). Does anyone have an idea where they might come from and how to avoid it (they are hardly visible in daylight, but you see them in the neon light of the studio and it annoys me). I can´t throw them away every time after the first washing!


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Try placing in a padded mesh laundry bag....I recently put 3 pairs various brands canvas flats into a kind of cylinder wash bag (solid wired circular top & bottom - guess intended for larger bras/office type items?) Anyway, worked well with less strain on shoes I suspect than if pounding around drum of machine 

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