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  1. Has anybody experience with both of these shoes and can tell me for what foot type which one would be better?
  2. Of course it is not supportive! But if it is a Vocational school, they have to be clear about the chances a dancer has to get a job later...
  3. I have the splirs, but I´m ALWAYS interested in improving my flexibility! (You can be never too young, never too rich and never too flexible 😀)! So if I can take part later, let me know!
  4. Will the videos of Tanya Pearson Academy stay on YouTube for long or will they be deleted after a certain time?
  5. Oh, please do ask her! I hope that is a solution for me as well!
  6. Oh, great! How would you compare box 2 with Grishko 2007 XX? are they approximately equal?
  7. I know quite a few very talented students who refused to go to a state-run school because they woul not be allowed to take part in competitions anymore.
  8. Referring to your original post: I know this facebook image and the person posting it is not unqualified at all. I also know other qualified teachers teaching "extreme" stretching. What I can imagine is that it depends on the genetics of the student whether this is detrimental or not (as far as I know longterm studies on this are still missing) and qualified teachers know who can do it and who can´t? Just something to think about?
  9. it depends on the dancer and her special strengths and weaknesses and goals, training load,...
  10. Derin´s Mom, has your daughter received the Gaynor Mindens Box 2 by now?
  11. Great, thank you vey much! Your daughter´s feet seem to be similar to mine!
  12. Yes, but that only in medium width (it was not in N in the store). It was too wobbly and I also need a narrow heel, so I thought sleek is better?!
  13. Oh, thank you! Derin´s Mom can you tell me what it is like when it arrives? I have tried Box 3 sleek fit N with high heel and the box might work with boxliner, but at the sides are big gaps and I would have to pull the drawstring tight to fix that, so I think they are too wide?
  14. Does anybody know how much narrower Box 2 is than Box 3 in Gaynor Minden and in comparison to other shoes (I have XX in Grishko 2007)?
  15. I always wash my ballet slippers with the hand wash program of the washing machine. Now, I have got the problem that if I do that with my Capezio Hanamis, the first time I wash, I get dark spots somewhere on at least one the shoes (it doesn´t happen with other light colored things, so I don´t think the washing machine is the problem). Does anyone have an idea where they might come from and how to avoid it (they are hardly visible in daylight, but you see them in the neon light of the studio and it annoys me). I can´t throw them away every time after the first washing!
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