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  1. Thank you very much! So you think I shouldn´t order Box 2? Better try my box 3 ones another time? Derin´s Mom, were is your daughter studying now?
  2. @Niko: But you have no explanation for the difference to pointework?
  3. Update: I tried on the Dream Pointe 2007 and I think it would be much better for me as strangely enough, the shank in the demi-pointe area and the box were MUCH softer (in the same shank strength!) than the ones of Dream Pointe. But the shop owner is now ordering Grishko 3007 also for me for comparison, so I haven´t bought it yet! Anyone who wears 3007 here?
  4. @Kate_N Yes, you did jump higher than 25 cm, but you didt stretch your feet and legs - that´s another difference between ballet and sport: If a baketball player hits the basket, nothing else matters, but in ballet, the jump must be according to the rules!
  5. @Niko Kolokythas: Can you tell me something about the difference between jump and pointework? Do jumps require more Type IIX fibres than pointe? Or is it just another coordination? I´m pretty sure there must be a difference - I´m much better at pointework than jumps and I also see on other people that most have one which is better!
  6. To the last point: I fully agree. It is hardly possible to change the genetic body shape!
  7. If you compare ballet to basketball: I have never heard anyone complaining about small people being excluded from a career, so why the complaints about ballet favouring a certain body type?
  8. @Nico: Thank you very much for the link! @dr.dance: I didn´t mean all dancers can jump equally well, I meant they all are able to jump despite having long muscles...
  9. Maybe! But ballet is an art form, not a sport, so if the jump is beautiful, everything is fine! For the type 1 and 2 fibers: Do type 2 fibers look more bulky then?
  10. DrDance, so it is impossible to learn jumps if you have "long, lean muscles"? I have them by nature and absolutely prefer Adagio to Allegro, but I always think most classical female dancers have such muscles and they can jump all the same...
  11. Thank you both! So Dream POinte 2007 is better for high arches (I also have high arches and I have also got Gaynor Mindens 🙂)!
  12. I saw this video, but she talks a lot about her "personal impression", so I was wondering if anyone of you has tried them?
  13. Has anybody experience with both of these shoes and can tell me for what foot type which one would be better?
  14. Of course it is not supportive! But if it is a Vocational school, they have to be clear about the chances a dancer has to get a job later...
  15. I have the splirs, but I´m ALWAYS interested in improving my flexibility! (You can be never too young, never too rich and never too flexible 😀)! So if I can take part later, let me know!
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