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  1. Derin´s Mom, has your daughter received the Gaynor Mindens Box 2 by now?
  2. Great, thank you vey much! Your daughter´s feet seem to be similar to mine!
  3. Yes, but that only in medium width (it was not in N in the store). It was too wobbly and I also need a narrow heel, so I thought sleek is better?!
  4. Oh, thank you! Derin´s Mom can you tell me what it is like when it arrives? I have tried Box 3 sleek fit N with high heel and the box might work with boxliner, but at the sides are big gaps and I would have to pull the drawstring tight to fix that, so I think they are too wide?
  5. Does anybody know how much narrower Box 2 is than Box 3 in Gaynor Minden and in comparison to other shoes (I have XX in Grishko 2007)?
  6. I always wash my ballet slippers with the hand wash program of the washing machine. Now, I have got the problem that if I do that with my Capezio Hanamis, the first time I wash, I get dark spots somewhere on at least one the shoes (it doesn´t happen with other light colored things, so I don´t think the washing machine is the problem). Does anyone have an idea where they might come from and how to avoid it (they are hardly visible in daylight, but you see them in the neon light of the studio and it annoys me). I can´t throw them away every time after the first washing!
  7. Thanks a lot! I´ve just sent you a message with my mailadress!
  8. Sheila, that sounds wonderful! That will help me a lot!
  9. I have XX in 2007, but I would take X in Smart Pointe as it is wider than 2007!
  10. Derin´s Mom, did I get it right? Her feet arealso tapered and she is not sinking in the Smart Pointe?
  11. Thank you very much, everyone! Sheila, I might consider 2007 Pro then, I thought it differed from 2007 only in that it is more quiet! But if narrow feet are not possible in the Smart Pointe, I´ll surely be unable to use them! This even applies to size X?
  12. Thank you, Sheila and Viv! That sounds like the Smart Pointe is not good for me! I also have hypermobility and a high arch, but a low profile. 2007 is a good fit, but is quite a heavy shoe and very loud and as I´m very light I have problems breaking in the demi-pointe. But the Smart Pointe does not seem to be an alternative for me then!
  13. Thank you, Sheila! Would you say it is suitable for semi-tapered (my first two toes do not differ much in length, then they become shorter) or is it too square?
  14. Oh, that´s intersting because I also use Grisko 2007. How do they fit in comparison to them?
  15. Has anybody tried the Grishko Smart Pointe? What is your experience? For what kind of feet is it suitable?
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