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  1. Thank you very much! I´m UK size 4, so you´d recommend size 38? I take 6,5 in Capezio Hanami and it´s the perfect size, maybe you know how it compares to that?
  2. I didn´t mean the SD 16, I meant the Grishko Dream Stretch?! Thank you for replying, Sheila Beelam, maybe you can tell me that
  3. Sheila Beelam, which size do you recommend for Grishko dream stretch? Normal street shoe size?
  4. Update: The leotard has finally arrived. Size 2A is perfect, at least for this leotard!
  5. I´ve also got narrow feet and I wear Capezio Hanami. I can recommend them, they are very comfortable.
  6. Thank you all! Mixing is not possible, so I think it is probably better to go for more advanced work than doing too little (especially AS the teacher talks so much in the lower level that we didn't spend enough time DOING something, which I think is absolutely vital for learning ballet)?
  7. Impossible! I traveled to another country, paid the flight and accomodation as well, I have to take it now .
  8. Yes, I paid a lot oft money, indeed! It was announced that the intermediate class would not take place and wie had to go to one oft the others. I have already told the organisator and others also habe complained, so she promised 3 levels next year, but that doesn't hell me right now. I have to do one oft these.
  9. I'm at a shorter (9 days) summer intensive at the Moment. Unfortunately the medium level was deleted. So, at first I tried the lower class and it was extremely slow and easy and the teacher spend a lot of time talking, so that it was really boring. Furthermore, they don't do pointework. Then I tried the upper class and it is the contrary: extremely fast and difficult. As no group in my level exists, which would you recommend?
  10. Do you know where the last one is?
  11. Is that all? I expected a whole session on the topic!
  12. Will there also be a podcast? If so could you give us a link?
  13. So, you didn´t find anything or didn´t you have time yet, Sheila Beelam? Or is there maybe anybody else with experiences?
  14. Oh, you are great 🙂! I´ve got the leotards "Jasmine" and "Kelly" from Ballet Rosa ans I´m interested in the leotard L-1703 (in Adult size it would be RDE-1890) by So Danca.
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