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Blixen at the Royal Danish Ballet

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Gregory Dean's latest ballet, Blixen, opens tonight in Copenhagen. There's an interesting podcast in whch Dean, Kizzy Matiakis (who has the title role tonight) and the designer Jon Morrell talk about the problems of bringing Karen Blixen's life to the stage. (The music is by Debussy.) One idea that's new to me, at least, is that Matiakis does the whole ballet in the first cast but at some later performances the role is split between Ida Praetorius (Young Karen) and Gudrun Bojesen (Older Karen). Matiakis, who is within a couple of years of  mandatory retirement at 40, feels she's at exaactly the right point in her life to be able to do both and sounds to be relishing the challenge.  I hope anyone who sees her, or the Praetorius/Bojesen combination, will write a nice long piece about it for us.

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