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Help: due to hand Injury: little job: someone to sew on pointe shoe ribbons


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Does anyone know of anyone able to sew pointe shoe ribbons? I badly injured my thumb joint, and my right hand is going to be unusable for awhile. I would be willing to pay someone a modest fee to do this for me ? I can provide thread, needle, ribbons...I need this done ASAP for workshops/classes. It should take very little time to do for the able-handed !

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21 hours ago, Pixiewoo said:

Where are you?


Do any of the dance shops around you offer this service? or would friends/dance mums at dance class be able to  help? 


Good luck and hope your hand gets better soon xx


Hi, and thanks v much for your quick reply. I''m in Ladbroke Grove. and get to Central (SB) and dance studios in the West End;. didn't think of asking dance shops--I kind of think they don't offer this, but I'll ask. As far as friends go, they all really hate having to sew shoes, even for themselves, so I haven't asked.-- I'm not around any dance mums.  Thanks for the kind suggestion and sympathy.  

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Thanks to both. I do think it gives a sense of achievement to get ribbons sewn in well  sadly these Gaynor Mindens are hard as metal to get a needle through.! Not much fun at the best of times.  

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