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Help with shoes please


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My dd does jazz and has been using foot thongs in class but doesn't like them for doing things like pirouettes. Some of the students wear ballet shoes but she’s not fond of wearing the shoes for jazz so it was suggested the tries the half/pirouette shoe. I however have never had to buy these so have no idea what I’m doing. Does anyone have any suggestions of a good half shoe to try? Her favourite ballet shoe is the capezio hanami is that makes any difference.  Thank you. 

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We did get some although DD never actually used them. They are really just a leather toe-cover and some narrow strips of elastic. So just go by her shoe size and you can adjust the elastic if necessary. I don't think the brand is so important as there's not much to them – although DC will always have favourites!
For example, on this website they give sizing info according to street shoe size: https://www.movedancewear.com/dance_shoes_contemporary_shoes-bloch_vantage_leather/1763/

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