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  1. Yes if you go on my profile i have posted a picture of it and prices which I would be willimg to negotiate. The colour and shape is Joy icicle
  2. I have a small adult Claudia Dean leotard for sale if thats any help?
  3. I would recommend canvas half soles as the leather ones sweat your feet a lot!
  4. I am also left leg dominant in everything from turns, kicks etc which proves to be very annoying as most choreographers I have had always choreograph it right leg. My advice would be to focus of the right leg for a while to make it just as good as the left so that choreo will be easier. Hope this helps
  5. Congratulations thats amazing!! Hope you get something sorted
  6. Selling a Collections by Claudia winter collection leotard in the style and colour "Joy Icicle". Worn three times and I'm selling it as it no longer fits. There is a slight ladder on the inner lining of the leotard apart from that it is perfect. Feel free to ask any questions.
  7. Hi. Just wondering if anyone has heard anything back from RCS audition last Friday? Still waiting to hear.
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