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Scottish Ballet Health and Fitness - Port de Bras exercise video

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Scottish Ballet have sent us details about the Company's 2nd Health and Fitness Video:


Port de Bras, Scottish Ballet’s second exercise video has been launched this week.


"Following on from the success (over 5000 downloads) of our first exercise routine - Core de Ballet, we have today launched Port de Bras which is inspired by 5 Tangos, part of the Company’s Autumn Season 2012 triple bill. Gyrotonic instructor Kate Menzies works with Dancers Victor Zarallo and Brenda Lee Grech in a workout which focuses on upper body and arm movements.


Port De Bras is a progression from the first routine which was a gentle introduction to balletic exercises intended to stretch and tone, and introduces a more complex series of exercises aimed at toning the whole body. Port De Bras follows on naturally, introducing movement and centre practise to provide a fuller workout.


A third routine will be launched in the New Year to compliment the first two, which will increase intensity of movement and take inspiration from the regular exercises undertaken by dancers in their daily class.


This series of downloads enables our audiences to try ballet at home, under expert guidance whilst also showcasing the fitness of our team and our dedication to digital communication.


Port de Bras is available to watch here: https://vimeo.com/50287636. "

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The first session - Core de Ballet - is posted here:



Edit: Posting the URL appears to have caused a failed embedding. Sorry about that. Click on the URL for the second session, above, and then look at the buttons down the righthand side, then pick 'Health and Fitness' in the Related Collections .... and hopefully that will do it.

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