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Thiago Soares November 7th - new film and interview at Regent Street cinema

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For anyone who is interested, Thiago Soares has posted on his Facebook page


Dear friends, I'd love to see you all on the 7th of November at 7pm @regentstreetcinema for the special screening of ‘Primeiro Bailarino’ a film by @brgfel @losbragas @hbolatam @reetamoreeyes @alicebraga_oficial and I will be chatting to @gwdancewriter afterwards and would love you all to join.

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Well, what an interesting evening, and I suggest a film viewing is a must for any Royal Ballet fan. It's 90 minutes long and features extensive footage of rehearsals of RB Romeo and Juliet (Thiago and Marianela), Raven Girl with Sarah Lamb and then also Thiago back in Brazil where he is featured producing and performing in a special gala performance. Again Marianela and Lauren feature extensively.  Also Brazilian Deborah Colker with whom Thiago created an amazing duet - called Passion.  


The film gives a real insight into the pain which dancers go through as part of their daily performing life and a realistic view of their working life.  


Thiago was interviewed after the film  and having seen him interviewed at least twice by the Ballet Association, this was again very insightful. I seem to recall that Laura Morera accompanied him to his first interview in case he needed interpretation and in another interview he inferred that he was frustrated as he could not express in English exactly what he wanted to say.  No such problems now.  In the Q&A at the end, there was a very difficult question asked by a Brazilian lady which covered the state of politics in Brazil and wide ranging complaints against the ruling politicians and state of the arts, education - and anything else.  Thiago dealt with it beautifully and would have topped any politician's answer.  


Another telling comment in the film was something like - I know there are better dancers than me, but it's what I bring to the role that's special/ different that the RB are looking for. Not a direct quote but I think you get the gist. ………...and I think if we consider his Lescaut, Onegin, Romeo, Rudolf - that is so true.


Finally - his favourite role is Onegin.     

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