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ENB School Graduate Destinations

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Copied from Facebook:

Maria del Mar Bonet Sans  -English National Ballet, London 
Breanna Foad  - English National Ballet, London 
Marina Fraser  - Cape Town City Ballet, Cape Town 
Molly Hall  - National Ballet of Romania, Bucharest 

Jade Longley  - Lithuanian National Ballet, Vilnius 
Marina Mínguez Carrasco  - Wroclaw Opera Ballet, Wroclaw
Remi Nakano  - Atlanta Ballet ll, Atlanta
Jeong Eun Park  - Leipzig Ballet, Leipzig
Madeleine Pastor - Semperoper Ballet, Dresden
Alejandra Plaza González - Valencia Dancing Forward 2018, Valencia
Ana Ramos - National Ballet of Portugal, Lisbon
Maria Isabel Trabalón Sanjuán - Czech National Ballet, Prague
Anita Wolleb - Teatro dell’Opera, Rome

Antoni Cañellas Artigues - Hungarian National Ballet, Budapest 
Louis Cohen - Birmingham Royal Ballet, Birmingham
Lorenzo Epifani - New English Ballet Theatre, London 
James Hobley - Scottish Ballet, Glasgow
Conner Jordan-Collins - Northern Ballet, Leeds
Andrea Marcelletti - New English Ballet Theatre, London 
Josué Moreno Lagarda - English National Ballet, London 
Rentaro Nakaaki - English National Ballet, London
Yuki Nonaka - Sarasota Ballet, Sarasota
Riku Yamamoto - Hungarian National Ballet, Budapest


This represents a 100% graduate employment rate which, interestingly, the RBS has not yet achieved this year. Also, this list has fewer apprenticehips in the mix than the RBS has this year.




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I'm no expert, Richard, but I do remember that the first year the RB had the Aud Jebsen scheme, both Ashley Scott (now Dean) and Ashley McK (sorry can't remember her surname) were in there alongside 4 RBS graduates. I do not recall any recent examples, apart from Ashley, of ENBS graduates begin taken into the RB.

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