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Well that was nearly very embarrassing...


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I've just driven my youngest child home from school and I started the conversation with the usual "what did you do today at school" question which was met with a moan about the "boring" and "confusing" work he's got to study for English Lit. Well I wasn't surprised he was confused when he told me the title of the work, but was slightly alarmed. I know the government is always telling us that they are raising standards....but Ben Jonson in Year 7?? And I really don't think that some of the content of this particular work is at all age appropriate, so started trying to subtly ascertain how the teacher had explained particular plot points. Youngest child was looking more and more confused and eventually said "Are you sure we're talking about the same book Mum?". "It's not a book" I replied " It's a play".

"No, no, it's definitely a book Mum".

Note to self. Ask questions. Don't assume. It turns out that there's a novel called The Alchemist.

Still, at least I haven't actually sent the irate email that i was composing in my head!

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