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Dance CV?


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I've looked in auditioning into for Bristol Russian Youth Ballet Company and they've said audition is by invitation only and could I please send my CV and a photo in 1st arabesque.

What do I need to put in a dance CV? I've never had to write one before!

And when they say send do you think they mean email or by post?

Thanks :)

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Hmmm, good question!


Firstly I would simply ask them if they would prefer you to email or post the paperwork and photo. I'd probably be inclined to post both, paperclipped together, with your name and d.o.b. on the back of the photo.


Dance CV is an interesting one....personally I think I'd lay it out like a formal CV, but instead of a job history, I'd list:


Dance School (s)

Dance Teacher (s)

Last exam(s) passed, month and year of exam, and grade achieved

Any Associate Schemes attended

Any previous Youth Ballets you have done

Any well-known Summer/Easter courses you have done


Obviously a Dance CV is different for a graduating student at Vocational School as they can list performances etc but for a youth ballet company I would think the above is sufficient.

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From what I can remember, my daughter's CV consists of her name, address, date of birth, mobile no, email address, height, weight, vital statistics, shoe size, eye/hair colour, type of build, academic education/exam results, dance training/vocational exam results,performance experience, availability and USA visa details (the last 2 are only applicable when seeking employment) She has a clear headshot on the top right hand side of the page and a full length photo en pointe in arabesque at the bottom right of the page. I would check with the company as to whether they will accept an email application, some do, others want them posted. If they do accept email submissions and you are invited to audition, I would suggest taking along a hard copy of both CV and photograph.

Good luck and hope this helps.

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