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Hammond 6th form Accommodation


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Hi  my daughter starting Hammond 6th form in September and wondered if any one can pass on any information regards Accomadation , not had a list from Hammond as yet  but sure it won't be long before we do , if anyone has been through the process of having to sort out Accomadation for Hammond any info will be great 



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I think they have a list of landlords for under 18's. Under 18's aren't allowed to live independently.  


Hopefully someone who is giving up their place can give you details so you can get in quickly?


Or give school a call to ask?



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The school should be issuing you with a list shortly I imagine. My DD went to the Hammond at 16 and we got the list about half term time.

The list gives details of landlady accommodation - names, addresses, details of rooms available and lists of other properties with rooms available which are for over 18s only.


Typically for under 18s a landlady will offer bed, breakfast and evening meal and has several students living with her in the house. The list will indicate how many etc.. rooms are available, if single or shared etc.


They also send out a map with the properties so that you can see where they all are.


My advice is to ring up as soon as you get the list and if you are able to visit any of the properties do so. We actually went without my DD as she had GCSE exams and met and looked around 3 different places, settling on the one we felt she would like the most. The list of landlady properties is not huge but everyone seems to find somewhere and priority does go to under 18s now which was not the case when my DD went.


Don't be worried about contacting the school to see when the list will be issued or if you are having problems finding somewhere. They are very helpful and will not mind.

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