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  1. Thank you this is very helpful and much appreciated
  2. Hi my daughter starting Hammond 6th form in September and wondered if any one can pass on any information regards Accomadation , not had a list from Hammond as yet but sure it won't be long before we do , if anyone has been through the process of having to sort out Accomadation for Hammond any info will be great thanks
  3. Fingers crossed for your DD We was at move it yesterday and saw the finalists and winner from taking the next step dancing on stage , they were really good X
  4. orchidblue , what an amazing showcase , it was well worth travelling the two and half hours to watch it , my daughter got a feel for the place and we even spoke to some of the students afterwards , congratulating them on such a fantastic show of work and wished them well in their next stage of their careers.
  5. Yes happy mum over 1300 applied , and they auditioned around 500 I heard. Well organised, someone phoned from the cbbc and spoke to my daughter herself and asked her some questions about herself ect bit like a mini interview, think it was to see how they came across . Best of luck to your ds if they apply .
  6. My daughter was lucky enough to get an audition last time , the video she sent in contained some ballet and modern dance to show her versatility, We got a phone call 3weeks later and was invited to the Cardiff audition , they send you prior to that a list of songs to choose from you pick your favourite three then they let you know which one has been chosen , once you have your song you let them know where you want it starting and finishing then they cut it for you and they have it ready at audition for you ,it's a minute long . My daughter really enjoyed the audition process as did I , was gr
  7. Thanks orchidblue , we are coming to watch the graduate showcase in March and looking forward to it ,will bear in mind physio ect , it certainly helps getting feedback off parents , will be in touch if I get stuck with anything X
  8. Thank you it certainly does , it's been a stressful few weeks as she has had 3 offers of a place and has been really difficult choosing where to train as she has enjoyed all 3 places where she has auditioned but Hammond offers her the Alevels which she would like to do , so this is her first choice x
  9. Thank you Janet I've had a look and some informative things in there
  10. Thank you Janet , I will Have a look x
  11. Hi im new to the forums Just wondered if anyone already has a daughter/son already attending 6th form at Hammond who could help with some of my questions.My daughter has been offered a place in the 3yr diploma MT/Danve course She will be going to the dada funding later in the year .We did an outreach audition so not visited the school as yet but I have done a lot of research but just wanted a parents /child's point of view My questions are How much extra cost a year roughly would we expect to pay for extras like trips / exams ect Was it easy to find accommodation and roughly
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