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Paris Opera Ballet School Audition Question


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Does anyone's children have experience auditioning for Paris Opera Ballet year round school?  If so can you share your experiences?


We received a letter for an invitation for 2 separate dates.  The first date is a first round and the 2nd date is a week later for the 2nd round (assuming the child passes the first round).  Since we are traveling out of the country for the audition, it's fairly difficult to arrange travel for both dates.  Do they ever make accommodations to allow a student to attend just one audition?   We did submit a video of my dd and she was accepted to the summer school, so they do have a record of her dancing in a video format. 

Any suggestions?  This is a strong first choice school for her and she would love to be considered.  Also - she just turned 12 years old.  I believe they only audition up to age 13. 



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My dd has friends there and knows a little girl that auditioned and from asking around, as far as we know, they do not make exceptions to their audition format. However, it doesn't hurt to ask. Even if they are accepted there is a trial period of 6 months before a final decision is made. At the end of each year children are assessed out, so be prepared! They do audition  after 13yrs but the criteria is different, as can be seen on their website.

The other thing to check is if they are allowed to board the weekend if you are not in the same country, before they were expected to return home at weekends (or to a host family), this still happens in most French vocational schools (Marseille/CNSMDP).

I wish your dd best of luck with her audition and well done!!

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Hi Sam.

Thanks so much!! I guess we would need to plan on being there the whole week until the 2nd audition - if she made it that far. I did contact them and there are no exceptions!! We would be living in the area so she would live with us and not board likely.


I hope you daughters' friend enjoyed her training there and thought it was beneficial!


I wonder how many students are allowed to return after 6 months? I also wonder how many in the upper levels originated at the school and did most of their training there?

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If you search the forum, I have explained the whole principle a few years back and it hasn't changed as far as I know. No exceptions that I ever heard of for the format of the auditions.


The school closes every weekend and you MUST have a contact person in the Paris area because they don't keep kids who fall ill at the school. They have to be fetched.


Auditions after the age of 13 are private auditions.


And also, the children must follow the French school curriculum the whole time they are at school, in French of course...


Good luck to your DD!

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