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Found 14 results

  1. Hi all, I know this might be a long shot but does anyone happen to know any good ballet schools in Paris or the surrounding area? Preferably open classes in Danceworks kind of style, or suitable for advanced level adults! I have a job as a dancer at Disneyland (🎉) so am diversifying somewhat but would love to keep up ballet classes too! Thank you!
  2. We will be in Paris during the spring break and my daughter would like some Eiffel Tower ballet photos taken. I was wondering if anyone might know of a photographer willing to do a short (1 hour max) shoot for this? Thank you!
  3. Hello. M DD (13) will audition for CNSMDP (National Conservatoire Superior de Paris) in March when she is 14. She is currently training full time in MSGSU State Conservatoire in Istanbul, Tr. She has auditioned for POB last year and was selected up to the final level (in 12 students out of 200 but could get into the first 3). They adviced her to try CNSMDP. Do you have any experience in this? - what is the audition level, will it be considered difficult to enter? - they require B1 but she may not receive it, but she can get an A2 then. Are they flexible in this? - how is dormitory? - any idea about the graduates' selecting companies afterwards? Your input will be very helpful. Thank you
  4. Has anyone’s child been to the Paris Opera Ballet summer intensive before? I’m wondering what a typical daily schedule looks like?
  5. If anyone is interested in seeing live the Australian Ballet's production of Ronald Hynd's The Merry Widow, it is part of their July 2019 appearance in Les Étés de la Danse at La Seine Musicale. Performance dates 10-13 July. From 3-6 July they will be performing David McAllister's production of The Sleeping Beauty.
  6. I am about to book tickets at the Opera Garnier for November triple bill by Paris Opera ballet. Please can I have some advice about where in the theatre is a good place to sit and any tips about visiting the opera house. Thank you
  7. Hi, has anyone applied for this summer school? Does anyone have any info on chances of getting in and when they release the results. Thanks
  8. Unfortunately I will not be able to go to the international ballet schools gala at the Palais Garnier in Paris tomorrow (Friday), so I'm selling my ticket at face value of 25 euro. I have arranged for it to be available to the buyer at the Palais Garnier.
  9. Hello, Does anyone's children have experience auditioning for Paris Opera Ballet year round school? If so can you share your experiences? We received a letter for an invitation for 2 separate dates. The first date is a first round and the 2nd date is a week later for the 2nd round (assuming the child passes the first round). Since we are traveling out of the country for the audition, it's fairly difficult to arrange travel for both dates. Do they ever make accommodations to allow a student to attend just one audition? We did submit a video of my dd and she was accepted to the summer school, so they do have a record of her dancing in a video format. Any suggestions? This is a strong first choice school for her and she would love to be considered. Also - she just turned 12 years old. I believe they only audition up to age 13. Thanks!
  10. I think Paris Opera Ballet School are doing their first ever summer school from 8-18 July; see link below: http://www.operadeparis.fr/en/L_Opera/L_Ecole_de_Danse/Stage_ete_EcoleDanse/
  11. On 7th April, 2017, Paris Opera will be holding a 2nd ballet schools gala featuring an exciting selection of schools, including RBS: The Royal Danish Ballet School, The Vaganova Academy (Saint‑Pétersbourg), The Royal Ballet School (Londres), San Francisco Ballet School, Canada’s National Ballet School, John Cranko Schule – Stuttgarter Ballett, Ballettschule des Hamburg Ballett Further details at: https://www.operadeparis.fr/en/season-16-17/ballet/gala-des-ecoles-de-danse-du-xxie-siecle The site mentions lectures and other activities taking place during the ballet schools' visit - I've written to ask for details of any rehearsals/classes/talks etc. that we could attend. Earlier the same month (1st, 3rd and 4th April), the Paris Opera School has their own annual performance. Also the Paris Opera Ballet School's annual demonstrations (showing what the students are doing in their different classes and giving an amazing insight into the POB system of training) will be held this year on 3rd 11th and 17th December (Same performances on each of the three days. Usually they have the younger grades in the morning and the older grades in the afternoon; sometimes they swap these around.) Public booking for the above opens on 13th September. I'm able to book from today with my groups booking account. If you know me and would like to join the group or could use some tips about getting your own group purchase, just send me a PM. One problem with POB's group tickets (as opposed to their individual ones) is that they are paper, not electronic. This can be a bit tricky if you find you can't come and need to pass the ticket on to someone else at the last minute, though I've found that the Paris Opera have been very accommodating about reprinting. Also happy to help with some cheap/group travel and accommodation options if there's interest. Yafa
  12. So pleased to see some very favourable reaction (in French) online and some lovely photos of happy dancers in the Palais Garnier. I will post some thoughts on the performances once I have been and returned.
  13. 18th September (allegedly a "companion" talk to a concert taking place two weeks later!) http://www.southbankcentre.co.uk/whatson/les-ann%C3%A9es-folles-diaghilev-a-87079?utm_source=wordfly&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Classical11Sep&utm_content=version_A
  14. Hello everyone! A friend has the opportunity to travel to London and Paris in a few months. Where and with whom do you advice her to take classes? (especially ballet and contemporary) Thanks in advance
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