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Moorland Ballet Associates


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Hi all,

Does anybody have any information about the Moorland Ballet Elite Associates? I've heard about it, but nothing on the website. A girl at my dance goes there weekly (I never seem to catch her to talk to her though). Is it still running next year? Any reviews at all? Thanks!

P.S Moorland Ballet and School has an Open Day Saturday 18th

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Mrs Kidd, the Artistic Director has sent the following information:


Saturday Associate Classes


The ballet programme is an enhancement to what pupils already receive from their dance teacher. Whilst pupils continue to study with their teacher, the programme allows them to train alongside other gifted children who aspire for a career in dance.


We aim to create an environment which aids superb learning, is great fun, is safe, and in which all pupils thrive and develop their full potential. The focus is on small classes, usually between 10 and 16 pupils per class, which enables teachers to work closely with individual students.

All classes are taught by experienced professionals who share their knowledge and expertise, students thrive on the positive and inspiring atmosphere for learning that the staff create. Classes are conducted so that they are physically beneficial and instructive providing objective and constructive criticism whilst encouraging self-discovery and nurturing the development of each student’s unique artistic qualities.

If you wanted further information you could email Mrs Kidd at  :lkidd@moorlandschool.co.uk
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