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Virgin West Coast Mainline sale


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From tomorrow (from 0.01 a.m. Thursday, 9th March) until 11:59 until 14th March, Virgin will be holding another sale of selected tickets on its West Coast Mainline. You can travel between 25th March to 24th August, which of course covers many good ballet dates in Birmingham, Manchester and more. Sample fares are:

London to Birmingham, £4

London to Manchester, £10

There's also a discount for first class and for children. More details at


Before booking with Virgin, you might want to look at details of cheap train tickets at: http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/travel/cheap-train-tickets 


Also, if you want to buy a West Coast Mainline ticket which is not covered by the sale, and there isn't a better deal on the Virgin app or a railcard etc. - you can currently get 10% off many such routes if you're a member of Virgin Money. (To join Virgin money, you  can just set up a £1 savings account.) There's no further railcard or other discount on such tickets. More at: http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/team-blog/2016/09/30/travelling-on-virgin-trains-without-a-railcard-heres-a-quick-trick-to-get-10-off-west-coast-routes/


Membership of Virgin Money also gets you free access to stocked Virgin Money lounges with free wifi at Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Norwich, Sheffield and London (two -at Haymarket and Eagle Place). 


You do have to be a UK resident (not just a UK citizen) to join Virgin money - I found that they are very strict about that -  but members can bring a guest into the lounges.


No connection to any of the above  - just passing on the info

[edited for clarity and to correct typos]

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