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Boys Associate classes


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A question for parents of boys!


How does the JA programme compare with Elmhurst for boys? Which does your ds prefer if he does both?


If your son is a JA, how does he find the length of class compared with the Elmhurst class (2 1/4 hours JA, 1.5 at Elmhurst)


Dd is already an Associate at Elmhurst so we have seen the girls classes. Ds might be interested in auditioning-for the experience as much as anything, as he knows how many children audition!


Are the boys programmes as "barre work" focussed as the girls classes? Or is there more of a focus on jumping/strength/keeping them actively engaged etc in the boys classes?


I can imagine that boys might get bored much more quickly with barre exercises than the girls do?


Any insight into the boys classes would be great!


Thank you so much in advance.

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For my DS (who loves dancing) barre is the boring bit as well but he says he understands the importance of it. And why it's boring? I think it's because he has to almost stand still and focus on little details - I think for some boys it becomes easier when they are older.

My DS is a RBS JA and there are no separate classes for boys. From what I know only in London boys have separate classes. In my DS JA class there is a lot of barre work and a lot of time spend standing still and focusing on little details like shape of the hand and where to look precisely in a certain moment etc. All very important of course but challenging for an 8 to 10 years old. Certainly was for my son when he was 8 but he started to appreciate and enjoy it more being 10. Hope it helps

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