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An urgent Christmas Dinner question

Lisa O`Brien

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 I cooked the stuffing last night . Are you supposed to re-heat it or can you put it on your plate cold? Obviously it is going to have hot gravy poured over it anyway . Just wondered if it can be eaten cold. [i have been making Christmas dinner every year for 20 years now and I have honestly forgotten if I [sean hates it] if you are supposed to have it hot or cold. Or does it not matter ? If someone seeing this message could get back to me i'd be really grateful . Thanks .


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Well the cold stuffing was divine. Disappointed with how small the turkey breast was when it came out of the oven. Neither me nor my son Sean like any thing other than chicken or turkey breast, so a full turkey, even a small one, a lot of it would get wasted. But every year I notice they seem to shrink more and more once cooked. I always buy it from Sainsbury's. Every year it only costs £7.00 . Normally I see this as great value for money, as there is nothing but breast meat and no bones or dark meat. We have half of it on Christmas Day and the other half the next day. Well we both made sure we had as many slices of it as we wanted . But sadly there will be a lot less on our plates for Christmas Dinner part two tomorrow .  

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