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Outgrown Ballet Uniform


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I seem to have accumulated rather a lot of outgrown leotards, wrap overs, satin shoes used once in an exam, etc etc etc. This is what happens when you have 3 daughters who all danced at various times growing up.


Our school uniform has recently changed (again …..) so handing the clothes over to our second-hand shop is not an option.


I usually donate everything we do not need to local charity shops but, on this occasion, I think the items would be unwanted by them. There are no schools in this area using the items I would like to donate.


Do any of you have any personal experience of any organisations/charities/groups that could make use of these items? I realise I would incur postage costs, but I would far prefer to send items off somewhere where they could have real use to young dancers. I may also be able to acquire outgrown uniform from other parents locally. It would be really nice to know where these items may end up - it would be useful for some of our youngsters to see that their outgrown items are so welcome to others who may not be as fortunate as we are.


I have done some research on Google, but I've ended up even more confused than normal (not very difficult).


Suggestions please …..


(If there is already a thread about this, then please delete this one. My limited search skills have not turned up anything relevant yet).





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I have a vague recollection of reading an article (possibly in the Dancing Times or the RAD members magazine) about people who collected used dancewear/shoes etc to send to dance schools in developing countries where the pupils had no money for kit.


Perhaps you could contact the RAD and ask if they know of any such schemes?

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Thanks very much for all the suggestions given above.


I will start to go through all the options and continue to collect dance kit. It's amazing how much I seem to be finding hidden away where it should not be hiding!

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