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Free to any little ice skaters out there

Yorkshire Pud

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I remember the first thing I ever wanted to be was an ice skater. Must have been around six. I liked the dresses and the way they used to lift their leg in the air !! I would try and slide across the kitchen floor with one leg held behind me as if I was on ice. I used to watch World of Sport, hosted by Dickie Davies with my dad and liked both the ice skating and gymnastics. Then I think I saw some ballet on TV and I was instantly hooked. But I kept on watching World of Sport every week for about a year afterwards, in the hope I would see some ballet on it. I didn't of course, and eventually I asked my mum why they never showed any ballet on the programme. I remember her answer so well. She said " You won't see any ballet on it because ballet is an art form not a sport". And to think I used to sit and watch it for hours with my dad; the rugby,the wrestling,everything, waiting for any ballet they might show !!

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