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LJB auditions

Maisie Lou

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Just some advice please !!


My DD did the LJB audition in June this year and got a lovely NO letter, DD has been on their web page and realsied they do another audition in September this year and asked me if she can re audition !!! I am not sure if this allowed or even if this is wearth it if she got a no only in June, any advice gratefully received

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Ask them - a lot can happen between June and September and it may just be she had a bad day on audition day.


If nothing else her desire to audition again shows enthusiasm and commitment. And if you treat it as 'audition practice' then nothing is lost.


The first audition my dd did, which was for an associate programme when she was 10, she didn't get in.


She auditioned the next year for the same progreamme and did.

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I have sent email with no response as yet !! Do you think if I send another one or call them it will come across as pushy but my DD keeps going on and on about it and not sure what to tell her ?? Any advice gratefully recieved thanks x


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