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Elmhurst Post Graduate Dance course


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does anyone have experience with the post graduate course run by Elmhurst? It is advertised on their website, however, I have phoned and emailed with enquiries but have yet to find the correct person to speak with about it.


Is it new? I'm wondering if it is not yet up and running, or if audition is by invitation only.


Just trying to find out a little more about the course.



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I have emailed two different links on their website, one for auditions and one for enquiries. When I phone, the receptionist transfers me, but it is an answering service with no name and they haven't replied to my calls. That is why I'm wondering if the course is perhaps new and doesn't run yet. I shall phone again. I just haven't heard of anyone who has attended the course and am not sure if it is actually on offer yet.

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