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ALIVE Ballet Company and ALIVE Contemporary Dance Co looking for new dancers (Adult amateur)


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I was asked to post this on the forum as I am one of the Alive Ballet Company dancers, however I have no commercial interest in the company, I hope that's ok, as I think this is a wonderful opportunity for an amateur dancer.



ALIVE BALLET COMPANY and ALIVE CONTEMPORARY DANCE COMPANY are looking for new dancers (Adult amateur) to join next term. We will be rehearsing from September with shows in November in St Petersburg, Russia and December in London. Trial session will take place in August. Please get in touch for more information. info@dancealive.london.

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Yes can recommend for adults retaking up ballet again whether in 20's or even 60's


The choreography for the Company is built around the dancers within it so there would be opportunities to do solo bits and pas de deux work for those who want to.

At the moment there is no pointe work in the Company .....so no tottering around with people not really ready for centre work at performance level ....which is a good thing in my view.....however this could change I'm sure if dancers with more solid experience in this area came along.


For those wanting to see if the Company might suit them the ballet section of the Compnay ( the Contemporary section is separate at the moment and have different rehearsal days and performance dates etc) has two performances on July 9th at the Chelsea Community Centre at Worlds End off the Kings Road in Chelsea( but nearly Fulham) at 5.30 and 8pm

The following Saturday on the 16th July the Contemporary Company is performing there too.

Information and tickets can be obtained from the Alive Ballet website which is set up on Facebook.

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