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Rambert & Rambert Ballet School: Murder, Mystery and a Party, London, May 2016

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A part of Rambert's Murder, Mystery and Party dance works, A Linha Curva is a highly exciting and energetic piece by Itzik Galili. Lighting you might call creative but to photograph, a challenge. Some members of the Rambert Ballet School joined the company in the ensemble parts. The four percussionist (on stage) that accompany the dance were exceptional. On till Saturday at Sadlers Wells.




A Linha Curva


The Company in A Linha Curva
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I saw this last night. A Linha Curva (now on the AQA GCSE Dance syllabus) saved the evening for me. The Lucy Guerin piece about Othello entitled Tomorrow didn't work for me at all and I thought that it was a waste of highly trained dancers. The Shobana Jeyasingh piece, Terra Incognita, was enjoyable in parts but didn't do much for me overall (I can't really remember it today). I was surprised to see how many empty seats there were in the stalls (I don't know whether the circles were full). I really missed seeing Dane Hurst last night. He was on Radio 4 on Monday afternoon talking about bringing dance to under-privileged children in South Africa. Jacob O'Connell, one of the BBC Young Dancer of the Year finalists, has now joined Rambert and was dancing last night.

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Saw the rehearsal of A Linha Curva this afternoon and then three of the ten students from the school chosen to join the Company for this came to a talk afterwards......and very eloquent they were too.


As this was a rehearsal won't say too much but thought this piece showed off the Rambert at their best ....just brilliant dancing.


The only criticism I would make is right at the end which is nicely dramatic ....one of the dancers then adds a spoken comment about having a good time at a party which I thought was a bit superfluous .....I think we didn't need this comment ....we could see it!!

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