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Move It Workshop Levels


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Can anyone who has visited Move It with a child tell me how you interpret the wirkshop levels.


There are a few au med specifically at children, (though several are already sold out). One says advanced but I'm guessing under 16 advanced is different to adult.


Are the open childrens workshops very basic eg fun class for those with little experience. Dd would like to be challenged, but not overwhelmed.


Are workshop leaders of the OPEN & intermediate classes going to allow a child (14 years) into those classes & if so what do you class as intermediate.


Any reccomendations from someone more experienced for a 14 year old into ballet, jazz, singing & MT & currently working towards RAD/ISTD Intermediate in ballet, tap & modern.

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We haven't been before but DD is booked onto classes that are either open or intermediate. We have friends that have been before and they have chosen similar selection. DD is adv 1 ballet, inter tap and grade 5 modern - friends dd's are grade 5/intermediate level.

DD is 14

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I think she's not quite got that it's about trying new stuff & seeing different teaching styles/colleges rather than working on technique.


She thought she might try the RAD run class for those at Inter/Adv - I said what benefit is that going to be considering you will have taken your exam 5 days earlier & you can do RAD anywhere yet she didn't think a tap mock audition wirkshop would be useful!!!!

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DD has been a number of times and always used the classes to try a new technique or develop a skill.  Levels differ between styles however we have found as a rule of thumb

Open - anyone can do it

Intermediate - need to be at inter foundation stage

Advanced - beyond inter foundation

Masterclass - need to be advanced


Hope that helps.  


Edited to add that DD has always found the contemporary classes to be amazing and very worth while

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