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  1. I'd say it's possible. If it's a Lycra leo it shouldn't fray - just don't cut too much off to start, you can always cut more off if you need to. Alternately look for mesh or lace overdress on eBay and adjust that
  2. My DD dances at 2 schools for different lessons. I think it can be good for them to expand their experiences. I would suggest being honest with both schools & explain your reasons though x
  3. Could it not be the case that there are limited roles for boys en pointe because there aren't enough boys doing it? If more boys did pointe work choreographers may include it more? Lots of girls doing pointe work have no intention of dancing professionally but still choose to learn. If it's something you want to try, go for it!
  4. I think a lot depends on whether your DD will be auditioning for ballet or other dance. My DD looking to do MT at 16. We've been told most are approx intermediate in ballet but possibly grade 5/6 for other genres. However I think ballet courses auditionees tend to be higher. Having said that, passing the exams isn't important, but having regular classes at the right level is. My DD moved dance schools 6 months ago due to lack of progress (largely due to classes available). She was reluctant to move but we discussed options, what she wanted to achieve etc, but ultimately decision had to be hers.
  5. Dd's school don't offer dance apart from small pat of pe up to yr 9. DD is doing GCSE pe & anyone who dances externally can use dance for part of assessment but they won't be doing a dance module (teacher stated that dancers always do well in this module & don't need her to teach them but waste of time for others so no longer do it)
  6. DD doing a mix of dance styles plus singing and acting workshops - she's aiming to do MT post 16.
  7. We haven't been before but DD is booked onto classes that are either open or intermediate. We have friends that have been before and they have chosen similar selection. DD is adv 1 ballet, inter tap and grade 5 modern - friends dd's are grade 5/intermediate level. DD is 14
  8. There are a couple of dance schools in York that I know have adult classes - York Dance Works and Patricia Veale school of dance. Both have good teachers x
  9. Hotel already booked for move it, will ask father xmas for stationery items (spreadsheet skills are a little rusty, maybe DD can do that part!). I've read lots of threads on here but will prob ask for help from time to time. Already having to keep an eye of DD to make sure she gets homework done (trying to juggle that with dance and a social life can be tricky - & I guess it's gonna get harder)x
  10. DD just started year 10 & will audition next year (MT not ballet). After reading other threads I had plans to stock up on wine, now adding pain meds to the shopping list. Or maybe one of you experienced parents would like to take my place for the next couple of years....!x
  11. DD is usually pretty good (although current fashions are for some quite skimpy outfits). She always wears shorts under skirts & dresses - she's not always the most ladylike & will dance and do cartwheels/walk overs without any thought to what she's wearing!
  12. As a parent with a DD that has recently moved studios, this post is similar to conversations I had with another dance mum. As was said earlier, you need to do what is right for your DD. It's never an easy decision to move studios, especially when you've been at the same place for a long time - but you & your DD need to be happy & have confidence in the teacher, otherwise it will effect your experience & ultimately your DDs progress. Good luck with whatever you decide x
  13. DD does exams & has had to pass one to move to next level (at previous studio anyway). She has just moved studios, will still do exams, but they do a lot more performance work which is an area she needs to get more experience in. I (as a non dancing mum) have found grades useful as I can see progress, expensive (last one was £70+) but I now realise (partly as a result of researching MT post 16 courses and other threads on here) that they are only a guide and there are other important skills that grades won't necessarily teach.
  14. t_rose


    Does your current studio know DD's aims? Have you talked to them about your concerns? Would the studio be able to offer private classes to help her? We are in a similar position and have just moved studios, although we wanted more performance experience - I spoke to a parent who's Dd is starting MT course in sept (which is my DDs aim) & got advice on levels required. I had discussion with old studio before exploring options & deciding to move.
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