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  1. There are a couple of dance schools in York that I know have adult classes - York Dance Works and Patricia Veale school of dance. Both have good teachers x
  2. DD wears size 6 clothes and the 6-8 diary doll knickers fit her x
  3. DD doesnt find pads noticeable (or maybe she's not bothered). She was more worried about leaks, but we found some pants that have waterproof lining but look like normal pants. They are fine under her leotards and stop her worrying. They are from John Lewis
  4. Dds school doesn't offer GCSEs dance but her dance teacher isn't keen on it anyway. Dd in yr 9 & just done options, however already started GCSEs work in maths & science
  5. I think it's someone thinking of buying them to use - even if for use as Demi pointes most people probably don't want well used shoes
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