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RIP Dan Haggerty, "Grizzly Adams" actor.

Lisa O`Brien

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Is there something in the water or what??? Just read that the actor who starred in "The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams",Dan Haggerty has died.Guess what of? Cancer. I used to love that show. But I am starting to feel a bit spooked out at the number of famous males succumbing to the disease just in this month alone.

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I know what you mean Lisa, especially if you add Brian Bedford (voiced a main character in the Disney's Jungle Book) - also cancer, Celine Dion's actor/manager husband - also cancer and the actor who played the mayor in Ghostbusters (whose name currently escapes me)- though no cause of death given for that one - all in a matter of days


May they all R.I.P with condolences to loved ones left behind

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