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Dada income question

Flexible Fred

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Can anyone help me please about income declaration for dadas and what they take into consideration


If I earn say £40,000 a year which includes a £5000 car allowance ie I have a direct debit straight to the dealership as my company could not do it direct.

So I never actually see the 5000

Do I put on the form I earn 40,000 or 35,000 ?

Is it based on gross income, do they take your pension contribution into consideration or the fact I have other children ?

Sorry for all the questions

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I'm not entirely sure but it is probably the details from your P60 that you get from your employer at the end of the tax year, plus any other income from self-employment/investments etc. Can't remember whether it is gross or net though.


Edited to add: posting at the same time as Kat09!

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You will include your gross income as per your P60 for 2014/15 and any other benefits as per your P11D for 2014/15. A car allowance is taxable income and will probably be included on your P60. Self- employed people use the taxable income figure from their Self-Assessment tax calculation form for 2014-15. There is no allowance for additional children with a DADA.

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