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Yes, hamstring flexibility in the supporting leg is important- but also back flexibility & core strength. So just work on stretching/strengthening those areas :) penché in the centre wasn't required in any of the auditions I did, but occasionally it is asked for at the barre x

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Hi balletpassion,


Have you seen this



I had problems with my penché too and I found that it helped. I also had some lessons with one of the royal ballet stars and she really helped to improve my flexibility and strength with a variety of stretches and exercises focusing on my lower back

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Back strengthening is also useful in penche - I have a student who is very loose in her back bend but struggles to get her leg up in arabesque. I've given her some of the progressing ballet technique exercises which are very useful.


To do a penche you will need both strength and flexibility in the hamstring of the supporting leg (as it is stretched whilst still maintaining a moderate contraction). It is my view that in auditions they will be looking for a well placed penche with correct technique rather than a '6 o'clock' one. What has her teacher suggested?

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