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  1. I agree, they said they have them there on the phone. The only issue then I guess is a journey there to be turned away but I’d much rather do that and take the risk than the uncertainty with sorting this. Maybe if enough people log problems they will have to offer this as a back up
  2. I think the more people that contact them the better. I think what they are asking is pretty difficult. It seems to be reliant on discretion of a high school. I think if there going to ask this of us they should have a clear route answer of what we need to do it’s +44(0)20 7845 7062
  3. my husband called in at a test centre yday and they said they can’t do under 18. Let us know how you get on and if you have any success.
  4. I also rang Royal Ballet School, they didn’t seem to have a solution. They said just to ask school next week when they are back. If not they would accept a PCR but as I say that’s extremely risky with timing. I suggest the more people that contact them logging a problem the better. I didn’t have to give my name or anything just spoke to them generally.
  5. Hi I’m new to the forum, my daughter is through to the final at White Lodge. I am here because of the issue I am also having with sorting a lateral flow test. I’ve been on the phone to 119, my GP and sent my husband to local rapid test centres. I haven’t got anywhere. He’s spoke to the department of education and they have confirmed these tests are not being done in primary schools and the gov website says they should not be done on primary school age. So technically a high school shouldn’t be doing it. When I rang RBS they said they would accept a PCR test but there’s no guarantee it would come back in time it can take up to 48 hours. Desperate to sort an answer. Just glad I started looking into this now.
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