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  1. Yes that sounds about right then must be how it’s being done 😀
  2. We got the invoice but not the other emails, and didn’t have a zoom meeting either. Hope we’ve not missed emails -have checked my junk. Thanks!
  3. I received an email at the end of July saying our associate teacher would be in touch with what equipment we needed to buy for associate class but haven’t received this yet? Has anyone else?
  4. my DD would love to come and say hi if you private message me hope he is ok and just tell him he might be confusing nerves with excitement it’s easily done 😀
  5. My daughter is she turns 11 on the first day she doesn’t know anyone will send you a message 😀
  6. Sounds like it could be going back then! 🙈 might message them see if I can swap one to a 2 as ive ordered 2
  7. Thank you this sounds like my daughters shape she’s turning 11 in august and is petite I’m going to go for the 3A leotard then and 9-11 tracksuit. If the 3A is too big I will swap for the 2
  8. my daughter was offered a mid associate place today off the waiting list😀 shes so excited. Can anybody help with uniform sizing for the leotard and tracksuit? Is it true to size does it run big or small shes 11 in August but wondering whether to get 9-11 or 12-13 thanks
  9. We just had an email asking if we would consider going to an alternative centre. We are on SWL but the centre is too far. Assuming this might of been an email to all still left on waitlist to see if there was any interest?
  10. Did anyone get a response after paying the deposit or is the parent pay receipt enough to confirm you’ve accepted the place.
  11. that’s really helpful thank you! My daughter doesn’t tend to wear practice skirts but has a nice black leotard with a skirt attached that we got because it was in the sale so she can take that aswell as a black leotard plus her leotards 😀
  12. Does anyone know if they have a specific type of leotard they like as the uniform for summer school? If anyone has any previous experience
  13. My DD has been accepted on today 😀 well done everyone
  14. Yes good Luck to all on SWL, we are on it too, hopefully start hearing soon of some people getting offered places of it
  15. We are not a current JA and had our email through -SWL
  16. We are Manchester also, and SWL, I believe they did not take many to white lodge from the north so could be another factor in there not being many places
  17. Short wait list for us- Good Luck everyone
  18. My daughter turns 11 on the first day of summer school 25/08 and it says 11-13 for the junior summer school. Is she too young to apply? Do you need to already be in the first year of high school to attend the summer school and board? She starts high school in sept. Any information before applying appreciated. Thanks 😀
  19. My DD surprisingly made it to finals without being a JA but I heard that some JAS didn’t. It seems so hard to guess what they are looking for. Think it’s just a case of keep trying by the sounds of it.
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