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  1. Yes was also just referencing to this year that has just been accepted, not other years. that I haven’t heard of many from the north, so far just heard of 1 now, but generally of the many posts I’ve seen they are all from the south
  2. thats good then! Well done to your DS. Your the first I’ve heard of from the north. As the topic is going off social media impressions it’s just from what I’ve seen on social media and I did expect there would be some
  3. Interestingly I have yet to see or hear of a child from the north of the UK get a place at WL hopefully I am wrong and there is a few out there but from social media this doesn’t appear to be the case. I’m sure it’s just coincidence as I know there was a lot from the north at the finals
  4. thank you so much, it really was a great experience and we would do it all again! It’s a lovely place to dance and it’s an amazing audition to work towards. We met lovely mums and my DD met lovely kids there at the audition. Overall it was a really positive experience but as you say a no is still a no and is still upsetting to read despite going in with low expectations. I would 110 percent go for it and wish your DC lots of luck and all the best with it. People will have different experiences in each year I’m sure. You can only do your best and you never know if you don’t try 😀
  5. speaking in the first person on a child’s account from the parent is fairly common and I think for a good reason. If a child wants a public blog/ journey Instagram (which a lot do nowadays) it is much safer for the parent to run the account. Speaking as though your the child is just re instating that the account is the child’s journey not theirs. Also if Instagram suspects a child is speaking they will delete. Again for good reason. It is nice to document the journey
  6. Thanks for posting this. You said exactly what I was thinking. My DD was at the white lodge final, she has not been an associate of any company just regular training at her dance school. It was quite clear from when you see coaches on Instagram posting of the success of getting several through that my daughter never really stood a chance, she’s not a ‘finished product’ so to speak. Although she still made that place in the final despite not being a JA or intense associate training and it was a great experience, going off our experience this time I would say they are looking for a more polished dancer and I would be aware of this when applying. That being said it has all been a great experience non the less and I would still give it a go. But that raw talent of an unpolished mouldable child like for example the Billy Elliot style story just doesn’t seem true to life unfortunately. In our case and our experience anyway. But obviously this is just my opinion from a newbie to it all here
  7. Hi, would love some more information on this when are the audition dates/ entry dates? What’s the usual entry requirements? Where are the centres? (We are near to Manchester) What days do they run? My DD got to the final for white lodge but wasn’t successful in gaining a place so looking at other options for her whilst waiting to hear back about RBS MA. She is not an associate anywhere currently. Any info appreciated. Thanks
  8. Does anyone know with the Mid associates places whether they will be based on the original video audition or the white lodge audition or will they factor both in? Is it the same people that decide for both? I’m assuming that’s why they filmed them? I sadly have told my DD I don’t think a MA place is likely based on the fact she didn’t have the physio checks others mentioned. I just didn’t want her to get her hopes up as yesterday was awful for her. She felt that the audition had gone really well and she’d had a compliment from the artistic director too. But it seems clear they had decided no on her before the physio
  9. Yes I’m glad we know sooner than later. Lots of girl nos on here sounds like an incredibly high standard as they said on the email. They are all superstars to get to the final. And again a big well done to all the yes’s
  10. We are a no also. Sending a hug. Know how you are feeling
  11. sadly my DD is a no also. Sending a hug. It’s not a nice email to read, wasn’t expecting it today either
  12. it’s a no for my DD also.she’s gutted also. Sending a hug.
  13. From reading back on the thread would it be right to assume all yes/waitlist had the turn out machine used on them? Just preparing DD for a no
  14. yes it must have been, I had forgotten but when my DD mentioned it tonight I remembered it had been mentioned by someone I think at the boys audition stage!
  15. yes she was the last number of her group! She didn’t give to much info away she just mentioned it when I asked about the recall thing will see if she remembers anymore about it tomorrow
  16. Yes I didn’t ask her about it either. She randomly said it like she had just remembered when I asked her tonight about the recall thing. I had actually forgot the camera thing had even been mentioned ages ago in this thread
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