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  1. What’s does the short wait list mean?! Is that only if someone drops out
  2. Ooh that’s loads better I’m going off a few years ago this is our first time auditioning!
  3. Same! It might still be who knows i hope it’s not next week in a way the longer the better x
  4. If London hasn’t been watched maybe it will be longer wonder if it will follow suite like the live auditions and send all the NO’s first 🙃 or just send all the emails together 🤷‍♀️
  5. Oh my I don’t know my nerves are shattered haha xxx every time my emails go I’m freeing opening it
  6. Wow that is amazing!!! I love to hear about things like this!!! My daughter has had so many knock backs and has had to learn to fight for things but along the way has had her confidence knocked! If this is another knock back we will just get back up and fight again and I will tell her of this story 💖🙏🏻😌 well done to your talented daughter xxx
  7. Ooh fab fingers crossed 😬 wonder when we will found out I’m checking my phone every morning and at midnight 🙈 this is worse than the audition xx
  8. Ooh I didn’t know we had to do that...I didn’t send a password to them presuming they have been able to view it though with it being not private!
  9. Mine has been viewed 8 times but this could of been by the public I didn’t realise it was like Instagram! So I have no clue if they have viewed it or not! 😆
  10. So mine says it has been viewed 8 times but when I click on it it only shows today’s date! I have no idea how to use Vimeo and didn’t realise people could like and comment on there! So these views could of been from the public I had no idea! I have just made the account private! So for all I know the RB May not have viewed it! Xx
  11. Has anyone on here done the online video auctions and heard anything back for the associate programme
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