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  1. I tried my pointe shoes without elastics, and they felt insecure around my heels. Like they were slipping. So, I going to sew single band elastics near my heel, but not right at my heel.
  2. Yes, I thought my feet weren’t as flexible/super strong yet. So I have been doing theraband/releves/pointe prances, to try to help my feet. I was hoping that, by the summer, my feet would be very flexible and strong, if I keep on doing TheraBand/releves/rolling/prance exercises 2-3 times a week. As with all things, I have to practice/work at it
  3. I’m very happy everyone is helping me out also, I tried on 5 different pairs of different sizes of brands, and different brands. All of them, didn’t give my support in my arch. I could feel that the Suffolk Stellars fit my arch better (don’t know if that makes sense!). In a few months, maybe the summer (since I got them in January), I will go and get refitted and some new shoes, but maybe a different brand. I have very wide feet, and a long second toe. I’m going to try to get Grishinkos or maybe Russian pointes next time!
  4. Also, even if my vamp is a little bit long, can I still use my shoes until they are dead? Then when I can’t wear them anymore, I get shoes with a shorter vamp?
  5. Thanks for the advice! I believe that my heel might slip off, so I will move my elastics to the back, and see on a single ankle band. I will also move my ribbons, to where my crisscrossed elastics are now.
  6. Okay awesome! I have high arches (and everyone keeps telling me I have ideal ballet feet) so I’m excited to have to not use elastics. I kinda found them annoying. If my heel slips off, I’ll add a single elastic band, or try some hair spray. You guys have helped me so much!
  7. That makes me feel much better! I am going to adjust my ribbons/elastics soon....This community is the best! Also, which side should I tie my ribbons on? The inner ankle, or outer side of my ankle?
  8. Awesome advice! I never knew elastic wasn’t a requirement. One question, is it okay if I remove my elastics from my shoes, and move my ribbons up? Or will it ruin my shoes’ lining, and I should just wait until my next pair? Thanks again!
  9. Hello fellow dancers! I recently got my first pair of pointe shoes this past January. They are Suffolk Stellars 5.5 XXXXN. I sewed crisscross elastics onto them, so I could get maximum suppoirt for my feet. Once I had finished sewing them on, I realized that the position of the elastics made my shoes look unclean. So, can I move them? Or should I remove them completely and sew single ankle bands? Maybe I should wait until my next pair, and try a different position of my elastics? I attached some images, so you can see what I mean...... Also, I don't believe I am doing well getting over my box for taking 2-3 thirty minute pointe classes a week, for two months. I bent my shanks back and forth, and this helped my left foot a little, but not my right at all. Is it my feet, or my shoes? Or, am I doing fine, and have to wait until they mold to my feet more, over the next months? Thanks for helping a fellow dancer out! - Perfectly On Pointe P.S. I will cut my ribbons/elastics when I am sure I don't have to move them or tighten them.
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