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  1. Do you know how many there are out of curiosity?
  2. I'm sure you weren't 🤣...i just hadn't thought of it the way you've said 🤦‍♀️ xx
  3. Yes i suppose i hadn't thought of that !! Xx
  4. I'm taking it from the posts I've seen on here that a decent amount of bursaries are awarded. We didn't apply for my DD as was worried bursaries would be few and far between but definitely something to consider if she decides she wants to apply next year xx
  5. Yes i totally get what you're saying. Definitely worth applying xx
  6. Thank you 🥰. Have you applied for associate as well as pre vocational ? Xx
  7. Maybe just ask if they are able to give you any indication when the results for her particular year group xx
  8. Did you get the result you wanted 🤞 xx
  9. I'd send an email to ask. What is it you're waiting on ? Xx
  10. Amazing 👏... we'll see you there. My DD is moving up from level 0 she already loves it so is looking forward to starting level 1 🥰 xx
  11. We had good news about Yr 7 associate's too 🎊. Well done @WhatsThePointe 👏 , we'll see you there xx
  12. I doubt we'll hear anything until Tuesday now. We're waiting on results for Yr 7 associate's xx
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