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  1. Righttt !! I get you now 🤦‍♀️ sorry my bad !! I'll try an find a local one xx
  2. Thank you. Its definitely something i am considering. I have been filling it prior to using bazucca but i think from reading suggestions I've not been filling down far enough. Thanks so much for everyone's suggestions xx
  3. Yep 🤣🤷‍♀️ apparently the garlic is antiseptic and the banana skin is the potassium.. all the washer does it selects the area that needs to be directly targeted. Honestly we've tried all kinds so I'm open to anything at this point to avoid having to get it cut out 😢 xx
  4. 🤣🤣 I'm at the point where I'll try anything !! I will update !! Xx
  5. Banana is exactly the home remedy we're using !! Soooo this is the one I've been told works 🤷‍♀️... fresh garlic clove cut in half and rubbed on the verucca, then place a metal washer over the verucca- the hole in the middle needs to be big enough for the whole verucca to be seen. Then you cut a piece of banana skin the size of the washer and put that on top of the washer. Then use medical tape to tape to the foot overnight. Take off in the morning and repeat every night until its gone. My friend did this with her son and within 2 nights it was gone !! I'm praying for the same results 🤞🙏 xx
  6. Thank you... I'm using a home remedy tonight advised by a friend so I'm going to see how we get on with that. I will definitely be looking at the options you've all given me though. Thanks so much xx
  7. Great thank you i will seek one out !! Xx
  8. Its on the ball of her foot so the main point of pressure when dancing ballet. I've been filling it down but not to the point of bleeding i didn't realise i needed to file it that far down in fairness xx
  9. Thank you. Would i need a referral from a GP for a podiatrist? I'll give the corn cushion a try too thank you xx
  10. My DD is 10 and developed a verucca during lockdown. We've tried 2 different prescribed medications from the GP for 3 months now. We started the duct tape treatment last night. It doesn't seem to be changing let alone dying. Being back at dance, particularly ballet it's really giving her a lot of discomfort. She starts at Moorland on Saturday in an associate's programme and I'm really worried for her. Does anyone had any miraculous results that are super quick ? TIA
  11. Yes it was definitely just like a class and the kids just follow the teacher xx
  12. I agree it's all a massive learning curve and also life lessons. My parents were cautious about my DD auditioning as they said what if she doesn't get a place - in my opinion she needs to learn that sometimes it's a no but then other times it's a yes. The industry is tough so i think they'll be many knocks along the way. It may sound really harsh but i think the world of dance is to. I've enjoyed the support we've all given each other here. We've shared highs and lows as well as helping each other with tips etc. Thank you to you all and well done to all the parents - we all smashed
  13. Thank you 😊. There really is as you say. She's very excited to get started now xx
  14. We've just had year 6 result for Manchester and unfortunately it's a no. She's already been offered and accepted Moorland so all just experience. Well done everyone 👏xx
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