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  1. Ballet Boost London is two Sundays per month which will work perfectly for us. I have three DD’s and they all have different activities out of school. 🙈 X
  2. @TinyNEDancer So glad to hear your DD really enjoyed her first session. My DD absolutely loved it too, she can’t wait to go back this Sunday! 🤩
  3. Thank you so much @TinyNEDancer My dd is 8 and will be starting in juniors too. I’m sure I will have lots of questions closer to the time. We are also new to the world of associate programmes! 🙌🏻 So exciting for them isn’t it?!
  4. Hello 👋🏻 am so pleased to find this forum, and particularly this thread. My dd is starting ballet boost in September (London). We’ve just ordered her uniform & she’s super excited. I was wondering about the white ribbons too. Thank you TinyNEDancer for starting this thread :)
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