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  1. My dd got a no again this year, she was ok about it thankfully. Also a bit disappointed with the whole process as £50 is fine for the proper audition as it is a great experience but not great to film it yourself and barely have the videos looked at. Not many (if any?) yr 5 places being offered, I wonder if with it being only 2 terms they are favouring the yr 4's? Congratulations to the yeses and the swl's and commiserations to the not yet, the main thing is that they all keep loving their dancing ❤
  2. Hi all, just found this thread. I am a little nervous now as I have had a peek at the videos - not shown my dd but just wanted to see what space we need and how I need to film as I am worried about messing it up! I think they will be able to tell if it has been practised and honestly don't think it will make any difference as it is all basic stuff - the 1st section is just positions and a couple to check flexibility. My dd auditioned last year so knows what sort of thing to expect so 1st time she sees it will be when we film it. Good luck to everyone!
  3. My dd is reserve for junior associates so not sure if RBS yr 6 places will help her, not sure of the class ages to be honest! Fingers crossed for you! x
  4. I wondered this, assume we would have heard by now. I suspect there will have been a larger uptake of places due to delay in other auditions such as Royal ballet x
  5. Thanks @SJBallet we will definitely try again and congratulations to your dd, definitely pick her up and celebrate xxx
  6. @Sally-Anne good luck to your dd, perseverance will hopefully pay off. I agree it is good to experience rejection, my dd had done 2 auditions before this and got a yes for both so think it is important she realises it is not always that easy! xx
  7. Thank you @Spamcat and @Balletboo I am sure dd will be fine, she does ballet boost which she loves and am sure she will want to try again next year! xx
  8. Leeds results are out! It is a no for my dd as expected but fingers crossed for some yeses today xxx
  9. Thank you all, will just be glad for the waiting to be over now! Resigned to the fact that it will be a no as my dd just doesn't have the flexibility at present but she is working hard at it so I am sure we will be back here next year, at least I will be prepared for the wait - I honestly expected the results last week, they are really not quick about it are they?! xx
  10. These results are painfully slow! Congratulations to the yes' and SWL today xx
  11. Oh well I guess we can all try to forget about it until Monday. Hope everyone has a good weekend, I have purchased wine! 🤣
  12. I think they have come after 6 in the past so still time for Eastleigh today x
  13. Not holding out much hope for getting Leeds today then! 😔
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