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  1. @MillicentAbsolutely thrilled for you and your dd, what gorgeous news! Worth the looong wait!lol x
  2. We also got our expected no! Did everyone with a no have this paragraph in their e-mail? “And though we are unfortunately unable to offer (name) a place this year, we felt they worked well with the class provided and would be interested in seeing them next year after another year with their current teacher.”
  3. Group 1 - London Group 2 - Dundee/Newcastle/ Leeds/ Manchester Group 3 - Eastleigh/ Totnes/Bath Group 4 - Birmingham Hope that helps😊
  4. No, not yet unfortunately. We were looking into applying for the summer course this year but then Covid got in the way of that. She did, however, manage to do some of the online summer classes which was great as you could pick which genres you wanted to do across the week. All of the teachers were from the full time faculty and were all incredible and lovely so I found that very encouraging. 😊
  5. @MamaFrostyTring Park CBA is amazing, I can’t recommend it enough!
  6. Yes, although they usually give themselves longer than it takes, for example they say for the “real life” auditions that you can expect to hear by the end of June/early July but last year all of the results had been received by 21st June and some as early as 9th I think it was. London will be the largest individual location, although I’d have thought all of year 6 would have been more? I think the hardest part is that there will be so many strong candidates for London that they may want to offer the second choice centre to, but without having seen the other groups they won’t get know what the
  7. Yes we are also group 1 and finding this wait agonising now! I really thought we’d have heard by now. The video applications for year 6 places across all 9 centres were turned around in 19 days and we are now on day 25, I really thought there would be less videos for London 4&5🤷🏻‍♀️ Also, people have reported that their group 2 videos have been watched, which you would think they wouldn’t do before having group 1 done and dusted. I really hope we hear soon because, even though we are expecting a no like last year, I want to be able to forget about this and move on! Here’s hoping it won’t b
  8. They don’t need a barre or any other equipment and they don’t really need any space to move as the whole audition is done on the spot! I know that sounds odd, but it will made sense when you see it! They have to be able to lay down flat to the side and front but that is the most space you will need😊 Good luck!
  9. Yes, we have now been waiting longer than the year 6 video submissions which were turned around in 19 days so I think I it’s reasonable to expect them any day now🤞
  10. That’s the whole of the UK. I’ll put the link below, there’s more of a breakdown in the data the further through the reports you go of how many for each centre. https://www.royalballetschool.org.uk/information/the-royal-ballet-school-annual-reports/
  11. Depending on which platform you uploaded the video onto, you may be able to see if it’s been viewed and more detailed analytics on it. YouTube allows you to do this on their website or the YouTube studio app. As for numbers, they used to publish a breakdown of applications but it’s not as detailed on the most recent 2019 report. The two previous years though it was 1230 in 2018 and 1300 in 2019 (figures taken from their annual reports).
  12. @Spamcat, I remember your name from the 2019 JA feed (which I have been looking at over the past couple of days😆) I have been reading Charlie & the Chocolate Factory with my son and this quote from the book springs to mind in this situation... “However small the chance might be of striking lucky, the chance was there.”
  13. Haha same! I’m refreshing this page as much as my emails! Hopefully not too long now.🤞
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