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  1. I’m exactly the same, we are a year away from applying but this thread has really had my attention! I’ve been sneaking off at work to check my phone these past three days and I don’t have a dc auditioning so can’t even imagine what it’s been like. I am so delighted for all of the yes’s and waitlists and very hopeful that the ‘not yets’ will have other offers or follow their different path to chase their dreams. You’ve all been such a supportive group of parents, your dc are off to a flying start already x
  2. AMAZING! I’m not surprised at all and we are absolutely delighted for you and ds, it’s thoroughly deserved! Have a brilliant evening celebrating, I hope he is elated! X
  3. Yes, we were very tempted! It seems like a lovely opportunity to start a year earlier for those who want to.
  4. That’s incredible, what a fantastic offer! Yes my dd loves YDA too and is hoping to audition there next year. Their associate classes are fantastic so I’ve no doubt the full time school is equally as wonderful!
  5. Wow, that’s brilliant! Do they offer fully funded places at YDA or partial? Sending lots of love and luck for more wonderful results in the week ahead! X
  6. Could anyone with priority booking please tell me the start times for the Wed Thu and Fri for Juniors/10-12 year olds? I don’t need all the individual classes, would just be so useful to know when they start each day!
  7. Those with priority booking, have you been given the timetable? On their website, it just lists the days and classes but no times yet.
  8. Good luck to all the amazing dancers auditioning and big love to all you superhero parents taking your dc there. You have so much to be proud of and huge well done for all of your support to get them this far! X
  9. @Londonballetmumahh ok, thanks v much x
  10. @cotes du rhone !yes that’s certainly a big consideration. They have delayed the deposit deadline and have said they won’t even be sending us payment details until mid April by which time we might know more. My dd would be able to go and isolate on return for 10 days if required, but not if they’d have to isolate in France on arrival too. We are lucky in that they are probably staying with friends for a few nights and we aren’t booking travel yet so we have a while until we need to decide whether to part with any cash.
  11. My daughter is at Tring CBA, she was 8 when she auditioned and only in grade 1. I think the content of the ‘real life’ audition was slightly harder than other similar Associate schemes, yet there wasn’t an expectation of them all to be able to do everything, more just a willingness to see them have a go was always the impression we were given. She loves it there, the studios are stunning and the faculty all seem lovely. We have a friend who wants to audition but I can’t see any details on the website, did you guys email them to be sent these details or has the deadline passed now?
  12. @Activeswi ok that’s great to know, thank you so much. We’ve found 4 other girls going from England but they are all 1 or 2 levels higher. I’m hoping they may be able to see each other for lunch though. That’s great to know re the trips. They have definitely planned to go to the Eiffel Tower to get some artistic tutu pics at dusk one evening! Depending on what travel restrictions are like by then, I am hoping to meet them out there for the last 2 days so will definitely try and book an observers ticket for the Friday, then at least my hubby can use it even if I can’t! X
  13. Thank you so much @Activeswi, I’m delighted to hear that your dd’s enjoyed it enough to go back again! I’m so pleased you have said it is geared around international students too, we had been told (through the grapevine!) that everything was taught in French, so that’s a huge relief she will understand what’s going on a bit more! The show on the Saturday sounds beautiful, that will be a lovely memory for us all to cherish. Thank you so much for your advise re La Defense, I will look that up later today. My dd is not actually boarding, my husband is going to take her as she will only just have
  14. We received an acceptance e-mail this morning for my dd to attend the 2021 Summer School (providing Covid restrictions allow us to travel!) Has anyone else been accepted for this year? Anyone from previous years have any helpful tips? I found a 2019 thread but it died out before the course so I’m hoping there might be people with some helpful information!
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