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  1. I’ve just seen that the TodayTix App has a 24 hour offer of stalls and first circle tickets from £15 for all 3 Alvin Ailey programmes at Sadlers Wells for the rest of the run.
  2. Due to my getting an upgrade, SCS D4 now available for Bolshoi Don Quixote matinee on Saturday August 17th. £15 Paper ticket. I will be attending so handover not a problem. Peter
  3. Last night’s last Swan Lake of this Bolshoi visit featuring Kovalyova & Tissi was as light, as delicate, as blissful and gorgeous as a summer breeze. For me, the Bolshoi had saved the best ‘til last. Principals aside special mention to Alexei Putintsev as the Fool and Klim Efinov and David Motta Soares in the Waltz. I’m very much looking forward to the latter’s Basilio on Friday evening....
  4. Keep checking the ROH website. Tickets seem to be released from 11ish each day. I got a single in mid-Amphi this morning. Good luck
  5. Like his other works, MB is always marmite. I don’t think R&J is as accessible as SL perhaps because it’s new and fresh and maybe even incomplete. Nor, despite what the papers say, did the audience leap to its feet at any of the 3 performances including opening night I’ve now seen. Rather they stood gradually perhaps applauding the dancers passion rather than the piece itself. That said, I think it’s best to judge MBR&J on its own merits in terms of the story being told (I was at the Q&A on Thursday after the show) rather than comparing it to other more traditional R&J productions. Think how radical Baz Luhrmann’s film version was on its release. For me it’s dance not ballet but I don’t think it claims to be ballet. I get the comment about lack of visible sexual chemistry between R&J. However when you view the characters as dysfunctional damaged personalities somewhere on the spectrum, then traditional notions of romance and how it is demonstrated go out the window. e.g. My godson has Aspergers and just because he shows no emotion on the outside doesn’t mean he’s not loved up intensely on the inside 🙃 For me Tybalt was the weak link, more akin to one of the Village People than a psychopathic sexual predator Chacun à son goût 🙃
  6. Hi can I have SCS for monday or Tuesday Swan Lake please. Will dm you
  7. Tony the link still works. You need to click on the seat you want and the 50% option then comes up as well as the full price option.
  8. I saw Spartacus for the first time last night. Perhaps a little trapped in a time warp, taken at face value it is a thumping, audience pleasing, testosterone fuelled, all guns blazing, booming production. The powerfully athletic and yet subtly nuanced dancing will be remembered for a long time.
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