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  1. The Gala was meticulously planned and brilliantly executed. Stunning, sumptuous, ravishing, scintillating and exhilarating from start to finish. A veritable celebration of dance. It deserved a standing ovation and I among others gave it one. I hope that it was recorded for wider viewing.
  2. I’m selling SCS D10 for Saturday Matinee 18th January £9. Paper ticket. I’ll be there to hand it over. Leave me a message and DM please if interested.
  3. Tkts booth in Leicester Sq has dress circle for Le Corsaire this evening £30 instead of £60 if that helps
  4. Please PM me and leave a message here if you can help. Thanks
  5. I thought I’d posted a reply but maybe gremlins are at work so here goes again and apologies if it’s a repeat: thanks for clarifying @Thalia I was aware that Matty had already danced bluebird but not who his partner was. Perhaps in the upcoming performances he will also be partnered by Magri. Whomever it is, we shall see on the days in question.
  6. it did happen. mid-December when I was in Paris for the cancelled Raymonda which is why I was gutted that I missed it
  7. Nahhdi/Ball have already danced bluebird this run. I missed it! Am told that, all being well, they will dance both tomorrow evening and the live screening next Thursday. 🙏🏻
  8. The man sitting in front of me this evening had a prime seat (OS H27) and a clear view of the stage with no obstacles. However he definitely didn’t want to be there as he fidgeted non stop throughout and was saying goodbye to his companion and ran out the door as soon as the curtain fell. Me wonders why some people bother attending at all.
  9. Adding to the talk about high kicks, from where I was sitting I was also astounded by the height achieved by Erik Woolhouse as Birbanto. A memorable evening for so many reasons.
  10. For no particular reason I thought to check the Scottish Ballet website 2 mins into the programme which has a synopsis of the story. Without that I’d have been completely lost and wondering why a character with a strong resemblance to Dora the Explorer was central to the story. No way would I have identified her as the Summer Princess.
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