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  1. After a 2 year delay the long-awaited première of Creature, Akram Khan’s new production dances tonight at Sadlers Wells. I, for one, am very excited.
  2. i had an email this week saying that some performances will now be full capacity
  3. Methinks it’s way too early for a casting announcement. However, I’m assuming, perhaps wrongly, that the piece will be built around prominent roles for the female members of the company rather than the men. It will be interesting to see if there’s parity.
  4. Watching this Gala felt like having Christmas in September. Packed full of unexpected gifts it surprised and delighted me at every turn. It just kept giving. An evening to treasure.
  5. I’ve seen several ads on the tube, been flyered at the Proms and targeted with multiple ads on both Facebook and Instagram for this enticing evening. Initial ticket sales were slow, but the campaign seems to have worked as there are less than 60 seats in the whole house remaining for sale today.
  6. Matthew Ball & Leo Dixon as listed in the press release as dancing the Corsaire excerpt. I was quick to express my absolute glee when I read the news. No confusion intended to anyone on the forum and no offence meant to any dancer.
  7. Matty & Leo dancing excerpt from Corsaire. That alone makes it worth buying a ticket! 😀
  8. Here are a couple of encouraging green shoots of recovery: KVN Dance Company is currently dancing Coppélia (Reimagined) at the Cockpit Theatre in London until 11th September. McNicol Dance Collective will present Awakenings at the Bloomsbury Theatre on 13th/14th November. On a larger scale, Matthew Bourne’s new production The Midnight Bell starts it’s national tour on 9th September in Cheltenham
  9. At my recent visits to Sadlers Wells and other theatres I have asked if masks are mandatory. The response, from masked staff unless exempt, has been “We would prefer you to wear a mask throughout your visit but we cannot insist that you do so. It’s up to you.” At the Proms, the Savoy Theatre and the Palladium this weekI have had to show my Covid passport. The advice is still that masks are recommended however my observation has been that the majority of the audience don’t wear them much of the time. It did strike me as curious yesterday that 18 months into this pandemic, I am not aware of a mask being produced that will protect an individual from those choosing not to wear them. In conclusion I’d suggest that you prepare yourself mentally and go along expecting people not to wear masks and if they do wear them it’ll be a bonus.
  10. both the Dante Insight and the Ashton evening had tickets held back until today. Showing as unavailable until this morning I was able to purchase with no problem
  11. Isnt the programme set up to attract promising choreographer(s) who want to be trained in & learn about ballet? regardless of background, presumably any candidate would need to express these sentiments at interview or audition to be considered for a place.
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