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  1. After a midday screening in London of MB Swan Lake, not a cinematic masterpiece but enjoyable nonetheless for the memories it brought back of sizzling live performances at the start of 2019, we hopped on a train to Northampton full of excitement and itching to see MB’s new production Romeo & Juliet.... ....I won’t spoil the surprises by telling you the story. Whilst it was worth the excursion out of our fair capital, I think it fair to say that at this point the production seemed rough-hewn and perhaps under-rehearsed. It currently lacks subtlety or finesse and chemistry. Definitely a work in progress for me. There are some fine individual performances and/or moments. Others need work and a few acting lessons would perhaps inject some sense, meaning and emotions to the characters that, for me at least, have been sketched but not yet coloured in. There are the usual MB archetype characters (authority figures “Boo!” and rebels “Yay!”) and MB choreography (at times confused rather than complicated and nothing notably original) brought forward from previous MB productions together with appeals to cuteness at times. The pared down orchestra and its arrangements of the Prokofiev score is outstanding. Audience reception was enthusiastically supportive yet somehow muted. Whilst there was plenty to enjoy I think we all wanted it to be better than it was. Being a huge fan of MB’s work hopefully by the time it opens in London and we watch it again it will be...
  2. I’m keen to see either or both of these. PM if you can help. Thanks Peter
  3. Hi Alison if the ticket is available I’d love it, Peter
  4. If anyone has a spare ticket please DM me. thanks Peter
  5. Please PM me if you have a spare ticket. Thanks
  6. Does anyone have a ticket they no longer want? Thanks
  7. I got confronted with the new format on laptop and iPhone today. It complicates what was a simple process for looking what’s on. I’m not a happy ballet lover this evening 😞
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